David Endawi is an Earthforce Special Intelligence investigator.


David Endawi, a member of Earthforce Special Intelligence, is sent by Earth Central to Babylon 5 to investigate a brief recording of a Shadow vessel recorded in hyperspace. The recording was made by B5 pilot Warren Keffer, whose ship was destroyed by the Shadow vessel, and recovered by an ISN agent.

Once aboard the station, Endawi meets with Captain John Sheridan and Minbari Ambassador Delenn to ask if they have any information about the ship. Both of them deny ever having seen the ship before. Endawi then goes to the other ambassadors on the station, including Londo Mollari, but no one has much to offer other than rumors or whispers.

After a few hours, Endawi realizes Cpt. Sheridan and Lt. Cmdr. Susan Ivanova are missing. He asks Michael Garibaldi, who denies knowing anything. Garibaldi suggests Endawi speak to G'Kar "off the record," despite the terms of the Earth-Centauri non-aggression treaty forbidding it. After seeing the recording, G'Kar shows Endawi an image from the Book of G'Quan that matches the vessel, explaining about an ancient enemy from 1,000 years before.

Sheridan returns soon thereafter, along with Ambassador Delenn. She explains the absence as being the result of a minor rescue operation involving a disabled Minbari vessel. Endawi accepts this, completes his assignment, and leaves.

Back on Earth, he turns over his limited findings to an Earth Alliance senator, unsure of what to think about the stories he's heard.[1]


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