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David Martell

David Martell is a human Ranger, assigned as the captain of the Liandra.[1]

Martell's parents died many years ago. Spending many years being shuttled around to various foster homes, during that time he sought to be part of something greater than himself. One of his passions was reading adventure stories from various cultures, both alien and human. Reading about the Rangers, he decided to join them.

In 2265, David served as First Officer aboard the Ranger ship Enfali, assuming command when Captain Bart Gregg was killed in battle. Because the ship's weapon systems were completely non-functional, with no chance of victory and almost certain death if they continued fighting, he ordered the ship to stand down and retreat, which led to him to be brought before the Grey Council to receive punishment for violations of the Ranger code of conduct. Interrupting the hearing, Ambassador G'Kar convinced the council members to allow Martell to remain a member of the Anla'shok, assigning him as Shok-na or Captain, of the Liandra. Anla'shok Tannier, who had been assigned Shok-na of the Valen requested the Liandra serve as escort for the Valen's mission to Beta Durani VII. Upon arrival, both ships were attacked by an unknown alien race.

Through his actions before and at Beta Durani VII, David earned the respect of G'Kar, with G'Kar later requesting the Liandra to transport him back to Babylon 5.

David's best friend was Dulann, a Minbari telepath, who was also his Shok-nali on the Liandra.