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The Day of Ascension is an important event in the lives of Centauri males.

Guests attending parties in celebration of an individual's Day of Ascension must come barefoot, and they are expected to bring a gift. The thirtieth anniversary of the Day of Ascension of an up-and-coming figure in Centauri politics, Ambassador Londo Mollari, was honored with a large party aboard Babylon 5 and a congratulatory note from the emperor of the Centauri Republic. The emperor also offered to grant the ambassador a single wish; Mollari asked for and received a divorce from two of his three wives.[1]


  • Mollari is well into middle age during the thirtieth anniversary celebration. Given his statement in "Objects at Rest" that Centauri come of age at sixteen, it is possible that the Day of Ascension is a coming of age event.