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Babylon 5 becomes part of the Brakiri "Day of the Dead" festival, in which people are visited by the deceased from their past. Famous entertainers Rebo and Zooty visit the station.


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In the customs area, Rebo & Zooty arrive on Babylon 5, immediately performing an act for everyone there. Elsewhere, John Sheridan, Michael Garibaldi and Elizabeth Lochley discuss the Brakiri's upcoming religious event, which happens only once every two hundred years.

Londo Mollari is talking with a Brakiri merchant about a trinket when the event comes up. He asks Mollari who he would like to meet of the dead. When he responds with a ready example, the merchant happily gives him the trinket for free. He explains the event is called the Day of the Dead.

Act IEdit

Lennier has arrived on the station and surprises Delenn in her quarters, having heard of the Brakiri event and wanted to partake, since he had known of the event. He asks Delenn about Sheridan, and also learns that Rebo & Zooty are on the station as well.

Sheridan happily introduces Rebo & Zooty to a crowd. Everyone enjoys their act except for Lochley. She excuses herself to meet the Brakiri ambassador. In her office, the ambassador offers a religious artifact, and Lochley hears the Brakiri offer to buy the station for a day. During, G'Kar bursts in and warns Lochley against the transaction, saying that strange things are rumored to have happened, but she ignores him, citing the Interstellar Alliance's mission.

Later, the ambassador explains some of the beliefs to Garibaldi, crossing a red line. Garibaldi learns that, due to the purchase, his quarters are on the Brakiri side of the station. Garibaldi has had a long day and brushes him off, crossing the line and going into his quarters. Another Brakiri passes with an incantation by some skulls hanging in the hallway.

Act IIEdit

Sheridan has Rebo and Zooty over for dinner and they meet Delenn. Promptly, Zooty tells a Minbari joke through the machine and it lands well on Delenn. They have to explain the joke to Sheridan. Zooty and Delenn go into the room and Sheridan asks Rebo if he could talk to Zooty without the machine. Oddly, Rebo replies he never broke character even with him, except for one word: "why."

Meanwhile, on the Brakiri line, an energy field seems to have erected. That night, people are settling in their quarters, and Rebo and Zooty's presence is felt still. Lochley tries to find a channel on TV without Rebo and Zooty, Mollari finds he is not on the front page of the newspaper, and David Corwin is practicing the hat trick in C&C. G'Kar, however, interrupts Corwin, asking to sleep there, since his quarters are also on the Brakiri side of the line.

Lochley notices her quarters' lighting has changed, but C&C does not respond for query.

Mollari has a drink alone and talks to a painting of an emperor, but of course it doesn't respond. However, the red lighting appears and Mollari opens the door to see what it is. He turns around in astonishment – Adira Tyree is there. He starts to tell her what happened after she died, saying he would give all he gained to have her back. They kiss.

Garibaldi, trying to sleep, sees the red lighting, too. The shower turns on, and he slowly gets a PPG and goes to see who it is. He is astonished to see Elizabeth Durman. With her usual jovial nature, she has to convince him it is really her.

Lochley tries again to contact C&C when she finds someone in her quarters – Zoe.

Act IIIEdit

Lochley explains how she found Zoe dead. Zoe says it is OK that she say "I told you so." Lochley explains she called her mother afterwards, and her father and friends came to get her. Later, she enlisted in Earthforce and now runs a space station. She asks Zoe if she killed herself on accident, but she says she does not know. Zoe sees about starting a party, but Lochley says she does not drink anymore. She tries to find out how Zoe is there in that moment, but Zoe is sure she died.

Sheridan is pulled away from dinner by a call from Corwin, who has found out the Brakiri part of the station is "missing" – unable to be contacted.

Garibaldi and Durman start to get reacquainted. Sheridan himself goes to the red line separating the Brakiri part of the station. He tries to throw a fire extinguisher at it, but it only bounces back. He tries to get more information from Corwin, but Lochley had not left much with him.

Lennier is meditating when Morden arrives, reading the newspaper. He is nonchalant about his death and acknowledging of his crimes. He proceeds to challenge Lennier on what he is currently seeking, declaring Delenn does not love him. Lennier claims he knows that, but Morden insists he does not. Lennier demands he leave, but Morden says he has been summoned. Lennier tries to leave the quarters himself, but falls oddly in the energy field outside. Morden drags him inside, explaining the corridor is actually several light years away. As he tries to find coffee, he is surprised not to find Sheridan, since he died on Z'ha'dum. Morden asks if Lennier likes the Rangers, and makes a prediction that he will betray them. When Lennier dismisses it, since Sheridan is not dead, Morden insists he is prophetic, not infallible. Lennier goes back to meditation and cuts off conversation. Morden goes back to the newspaper.

Zoe watches as Lochley tries to figure out what is going on, and confirms the real location of their section of the station. In the process, she has to use her passcode – "Zoey's dead."

Act IVEdit

Garibaldi tells Durman about Lise Hampton-Edgars. They are about to kiss when Lochley interrupts them. She wants Garibaldi to contact the station using Proxima III to boost the signal. He is confused, but agrees.

Mollari and Adira are interrupted by Lochley's general transmission assuring that everything is OK. Adira sadly admits that she is just a dream, about to be gone, but is happy for Mollari's rule as Emperor.

Garibaldi finishes the communications quickly and gets back to reminiscing with Durman.

Rebo and Zooty tell Delenn they want to do something serious, and go into politics. They are convinced they aren't taken seriously and want to make a difference. Sheridan does not agree, but soon Lochley's transmission gets through to the station. It breaks up soon, but at least they know people are all right.

The night is ending. Morden breaks the silence to ask Lennier to take what he said seriously before disappearing. Garibaldi and Durman share a laugh, but Durman realizes time is up, gives him a kiss, and leaves. Zoey explains a message she got about Sheridan to Lochley, but changes the subject. She realizes time is up and admits she did kill herself on purpose. Then, disappears.

Act VEdit

Sheridan tries to get the full story from Lochley, but cannot believe what he is hearing. She admits she did not realize the odd transportation, but promises to think about it the next time. She has people working on leads as to how the effect was achieved, but she is content with the mystery since no one was hurt. She then surprises Sheridan with a message from Kosh: "When the long night comes, return to the end of the beginning." Sheridan processes it with a stern look, then dismisses her.

G'Kar finds Lochley and admits she was right, and wonders what he would have seen if he had stayed in his quarters. Rebo and Zooty pass by, walking with Mollari who is now a fan of the duo.

Zooty takes Sheridan aside and whispers something. Sheridan smiles and walks to G'Kar, explaining he said "because it tells me to."

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Because it tells me to."

Zooty's whisper to President Sheridan about the device he uses

When the long night comes, return to the end of the beginning.

A message from Kosh to Sheridan, given by Kosh to Zoe to Lochley to Sheridan


  • Dodger's observation that "any Emily Dickinson poem can be sung to the tune of 'The Yellow Rose of Texas'" echoes the same comment in the Hugo Award-winning satirical short story, "The Soul Selects Her Own Society: Invasion and Repulsion: A Chronological Reinterpretation of Two of Emily Dickinson's Poems: A Wellsian Perspective," written by Connie Willis and published in 1996 in Asimov's Science Fiction and War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches[1][2].

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This episode, along with the other 21 from Season 5 have been released on DVD with extensive Special Features.


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