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This article is about the Brakiri religious festival. For the episode of Babylon 5, see: Day of the Dead

Traditional Brakiri Day of the Dead decoration.

The Brakiri Day of the Dead ceremony is a religious festival in which the dead return for one night.[1]

The Day of the Dead takes place once every 200 years and is heralded when the orbit of the only comet in the Brakiri System comes into proximity with Brakir. Though it is called the 'day' of the dead it actually takes place at night as Brakiri are a naturally nocturnal race. In preparation decorations in the form of candy skulls and golden comets are put up and a 'mystical' inscription is drawn in chalk around the limits of Brakiri territory. At sundown the senior local Brakiri walks the street (or corridors) chanting an incantation with a bell-baring priest in tow. Through the course of the night, each person is visited by one who has gone beyond and they talk until planetary sunrise.


On March 3, 2262, with the comet due to return, the ceremony was held on Babylon 5 for the Brakiri population that couldn't make it to Brakir. To this end Ambassador Kullenbrak arranged for a section of Babylon 5 to be purchased (not rented) by the Brakiri Syndicracy for the duration of the ceremony. Captain Lochley, assuming it was a religious metaphor, agreed over the objections of Ambassador G'Kar, however when night fell that section was cut off from the rest of the station by an energy barrier until planetary sunrise. Attempts to communicate with the Brakiri section were hampered by the computer declaring it to be light years away, in the same space as Brakir.

During this ceremony, Londo Mollari was visited by his former lover Adira Tyree, Michael Garibaldi was visited by the late PFC Elizabeth "Dodger" Durman, Lennier was visited by Mr. Morden, and Captain Lochley her long-dead friend, Zoe, who passed on a message to her for John Sheridan from Kosh.[1]

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