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Babylon 5: Deadly Relations - Bester Ascendant is a novel by J. Gregory Keyes and the second book in the Psi Corps Trilogy.


The son of their greatest heroes -
he was destined to become their darkest enemy...

Born in the fire and terror of the twenty-second century, the Psi Corps – a group of elite telepaths used to control their own kind – became a finely tuned instrument of oppression. Only the underground, under the determined leadership of Matthew and Fiona Dexter, held out and hope for freedom.

But in 2195, the underground was shattered. The Dexters were killed, and their only son – the brightest hope for the future – was claimed by Psi Corps. To sever all connection with the past, the child was given a new name: Al Bester. From that moment forth, to Bester, “the Corps was mother, the Corps was father.”

Bester was a telepath of exceptional ability. Ambition drove him to be Psi Corps’ most ruthless operative and to seek to become its master. To attain that goal, he would pay any price, betraying love, friendship and humanity. And one day he would step into the void beyond death, to confront his own soul – or what remained of it...


Kevin Vacit, leader of the Psi Corps, retires.

Alfred Bester, without knowing who his grandfather is, grows up and assassinates the figurehead leader of the Psi Corps to become the new head of the organization.

part i: Thesis[]

part ii: Antithesis[]

part iii: Synthesis[]

part iv: Ascendance[]

Kevin Vacit, Alfred Bester's grandfather, getting transport from the Centauri, departs for the Vorlon colony where younger race telepaths were originally created.


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