The Babylon Project

The DeepProbe project represented humanity's renewed efforts to find evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence following the discovery of the long theorised tachyon particle in 2091.[1]

The DeepProbe Network came online in 2095 and although it did detect tachyon emissions that could indicate technological civilisations, conclusive evidence was not forthcoming. Public interest and Earthgov funding in space waned over the subsequent decades, despite concerted efforts from enthusiastic Senators like Lee Crawford. It wasn't until early 2116, that Crawford was able to push for updated equipment, having become more influential through heading up the new Earth Senate Committee on Technology and Privacy, made suddenly more important with the scientific verification of human telepathy. Lee personally attended the launch of the Heimdal probe from the Von Braun Shipyard on the Moon, intended to update the DeepProbe network.

The network was ultimately rendered irrelevant when in 2156, a Centauri vessel arrived in the Sol System, making first contact with the Earth Alliance, offering Hyperspace technology and opening up Earth to a galaxy full of alien civilisations.