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"The war has already begun... All that remains is honor and death."


Deeron was a Minbari warrior who served on the Tragati.[1]


In January 2259, when Tragati came to Babylon 5, she threatened to attack the station on the pretext that their captain had been illegally arrested. When Sheridan refused to release him, she launched fighters and refused to back down - proclaiming that "the war had already begun and all that remained now is honor and death." When the Humans wouldn't be provoked into attacking them as planned, and refusing to surrender to the other Minbari ship sent to pick them up, she ordered the destruction of the Tragati and all hands.

Behind the scenes[]

Even though she's female, Deeron's bone crest is shaped like that of a male Minbari. It's possible Warrior Caste women do not carve their bone crests like the women from the Religious caste and either let it grow naturally or specifically carve it to look like the male crests.