The Babylon Project

"I have never known the truth or Delenn to speak only when it is appropriate."


Delenn of Mir was the Minbari ambassador to Babylon 5 and a founder of the Interstellar Alliance.


Early life[]

In 2202,[3] Delenn was born in the southern regions of Minbar into the family Mir, a member of the Tenth Fane of Elleya, a Religious Clan.[1][4][5]

As a small child, Delenn's father used to carry her on his shoulder to temple so that she could see everything. One day, Delenn visited Yedor with her family and at one point she found herself lost and separated from them. After wandering the increasingly dark and narrow streets, she eventually found herself in an old temple. Feeling safe in this place and certain that if she stayed and waited for her parents, they would come for her. After several hours she eventually fell asleep. When she awoke Delenn saw a vision of Valen, smiling down at her and bright against the darkness. He told her that if she believed then her parents will come for her, saying "I will not allow harm to come to my little ones here in my great house." Just then, the temple door opened and her parents came running in.[6][7]

Not long afterwards, her mother entered the Sisters of Valeria, a great honor for her family. Delenn would see her again only twice in the next several decades. Though she missed her mother greatly, she respected her decision. As Delenn grew older, her father told her she had become too big for him to carry anymore, it was that day that she realized she would one day lose him.[6]

As an older child, Delenn befriended Mayan, who even at that young age loved poetry. Delenn remained close to Mayan as they grew up, with Mayan eventually becoming an accomplished poet, earning the title Shaal for her skill in Ti'la.[8]

Joining the Council[]

"I will only say this: if you ever have doubts about your course in life, all you need do is look into the face of a Vorlon, and all doubt is immediately erased forever."

Dukhat, to Delenn


"Step into the Circle and speak."

After years of training and study on Minbar, in 2232 she was chosen to be an acolyte to the Grey Council. At the time she first came aboard, the great Minbari leader Dukhat led the Council. In 2245 during a debate on contacting a race called humans Dukhat called Delenn into the Council chamber and prompted a response from her that embarrassed the rest of the Council members, he decided to take her on as his personal aide and chosen disciple. She studied under him to become Satai, a member of the Grey Council. Standing in for Satai Kodroni, before her formal induction, Delenn heard Lenonn's appeal for support of the Anla'Shok. Though it was inappropriate, Dukhat allowed Delenn to offer her advice on the matter. Lenonn warned that the prophecies of Valen regarding the return of the Shadows was drawing near. Delenn suggested an expedition be sent to the Shadow's ancient homeworld of Z'ha'dum to see if they were there. When the warriors on the Council rejected this, Dukhat decided the Council itself would investigate.

The ship bearing the Grey Council went in secret with only a couple of support vessels. En route, Delenn discovered Dukhat had arranged for some equipment to be brought aboard to provide for an alien atmosphere. Delenn suspected Dukhat was in contact with the elusive Vorlons, but he did not respond outright.[9]


"I am become Grey..."

Delenn was inducted into the Grey Council during the voyage. During her initiation ceremony, she was presented with a Triluminary, which glowed brightly as she brought her hand near it. After the ceremony, she asked Dukhat about this, but before he could answer an alarm sounded. The Council came together to see what the alert was about. A fleet of unknown vessels had been shadowing their ships. The Minbari ships turned to approach the alien fleet, opening their gun ports in a traditional sign of respect. Delenn believed the ships were human in origin, a race the Minbari Federation had not actually encountered before. The Council also noticed nearby ships belonging to the Soul Hunters—who only came where there was great death. The human ships opened fire on the Minbari vessels, causing severe damage before exiting into hyperspace. Dukhat was critically injured. He spoke to Delenn as he lay dying, but at the time she did not hear his message, as she was in shock over what happened. He died moments later. The surviving Council was split on what to do, with Delenn casting the deciding vote—to pursue the humans and wipe them out completely.[9][10]


The Death of Dukhat and the Start of War

After her rage cooled, Delenn realized there could be no stopping what she had ordered. The Religious and Warrior Castes were both united in a single desire: to destroy the human race completely. Thus began the Earth-Minbari War.

The Earth-Minbari War[]

Main article: Earth-Minbari War

Delenn quickly came to regret her decision, but she could not turn back the tide that had been unleashed. With far greater technology, the Minbari easily outmatched the Earth Alliance. Delenn knew that the war would continue to escalate into a full genocide, but felt powerless to stop it. At the same time, she was contacted by Kosh and Ulkesh of the Vorlon Empire, who had been dwelling inside Dukhat's chambers aboard the ship. They played a recording of Dukhat's wherein he mentioned that the humans would play a critical role in the upcoming Shadow War. Now, more than ever, Delenn sought a way for the war to end.

After at least a year of fighting, with the humans suffering one retreat or utter loss after another, Delenn and a few of her agents managed to arrange a meeting for Lenonn and some human representatives by way of the Narn Regime diplomat G'Kar. Unfortunately, the meeting was attacked and Lenonn was killed. Both sides believed a rogue faction of their own government to be responsible, and all hope of peace died with Lenonn. The two human representatives were captured, but after hearing one of them say a phrase taught by Lenonn, Delenn allowed them to leave unharmed. Unknown to her at the time, the two representatives were John Sheridan and Stephen Franklin. They could not see her face during the encounter.

After nearly three years of fighting, the Minbari prepared to make their final assault on Earth itself. Delenn went to Kosh and Ulkesh, still dwelling in Dukhat's place, seeking their advice. They replied cryptically, telling her that "the truth points to itself." The Grey Council's cruiser was present with the rest of the massive Minbari fleet that bypassed Mars and attacked Earth in the Battle of the Line. As the last of Earth's defenses crumbled before the Minbari onslaught, Delenn suggested bringing one of the humans aboard for questioning. She pointed at a nearby Starfury that was attempting a suicidal ramming attack and it was brought aboard the ship.

The pilot was Jeffrey Sinclair, who was beaten, questioned, and then probed with a Triluminary, which glowed brightly when it was brought near him. At that time, the Council discovered something shocking—Sinclair had a Minbari soul. Not just any soul, but the soul of Valen. Delenn easily convinced the Council to end the conflict. Rather than explain this revelation (which they feared might cause their entire society to collapse), they issued an order to surrender. The War was over. As for Sinclair, Delenn ordered that his memories be suppressed by means of a telepath. The council decided that Sinclair needed to be monitored discreetly so he would not remember the event, and Delenn volunteered to take on the assignment.[9][11]

During the War, Delenn's beloved father passed away. She later said that he died of a broken heart over seeing his people go to war with the humans.[6]

The Babylon Project[]

Following the war, the Earth Alliance launched the Babylon Project in hopes of avoiding any future confrontations such as precipitated the Earth-Minbari War. Unfortunately, the Project took almost ten years to get off the ground, as the first three Babylon stations were sabotaged and destroyed before they could be completed, and Babylon 4 disappeared 24 hours after going on-line.

Finally, the fifth station, Babylon 5, went online in 2256. The Minbari Federation was the first to sign on and provided much of the funding for the station on the condition they be allowed to choose the station commander. The Grey Council selected Jeffrey Sinclair, but did not reveal the reason why.[12]

Delenn came aboard the station in the guise of a simple ambassador. She did not use her proper honorific title of Satai nor explain her connection to the Grey Council in any way. She quickly befriended Jeffrey Sinclair and was deeply impressed by his character, finding him to be very much like a Minbari. Shortly after her arrival she learns of Babylon 4, recognising it from surviving records of the war of 1260-1261. She remains quiet for fear of disrupting the timeline.[13]

In 2257, Kosh was sent to the station to be the ambassador for the Vorlons. He nearly died when an assassin poisoned him as soon as he arrived. Delenn was dismayed when the evidence suggested it was Sinclair, so much so that she did not stand up for him when the Babylon 5 Advisory Council voted to hand him over to the Vorlons. Thankfully, Sinclair was able to prove his innocence. The real culprit was in fact a Minbari Assassin from the Wind Swords Clan. Delenn helped expose him and apologized to Sinclair for the incident.[14]

Delenn met the human telepath, Lyta Alexander, when Lyta was asked to be part of some negotiations Delenn was involved in.[15]


Delenn quickly acclimates to her role as ambassador. The Minbari Federation is slowly turning from its isolationist position and embracing more trade, though by and large the process is slow. Delenn does what she can to encourage peace among the other worlds. In early 2258, she joins Earth in condemning the attack by the Narn Regime against a Centauri civilian colony at Ragesh 3.[16]

A few weeks later, a strange alien ship drifts through the Jumpgate and is brought aboard the station. Delenn accompanies Sinclair to the Medlab where the ship's lone occupant was taken. She is horrified to discover that the alien is a Soul Hunter. She attempts to seize a PPG from Security Chief Michael Garibaldi and kill it on the spot but Garibaldi and Sinclair stop her. Afterwards, she apologizes for her hasty reaction, but explains to Sinclair the nature of the Soul Hunters and how they are an affront to the Minbari.


"What is one of the great leaders of the Minbari doing here playing ambassador?"

A few hours later, she visits the Soul Hunter in the MedLab privately, demanding to know if he has any Minbari souls in his collection. The Soul Hunter mocks her beliefs regarding what happens to the souls. As they talk, he recognizes her—he was among the Soul Hunters who attempted to claim the soul of Dukhat. He knows she is a member of the Grey Council and asks why someone of her rank is there "playing ambassador." Troubled by his knowledge of her identity, Delenn leaves. The Soul Hunter escapes and kidnaps her from her quarters. Contrary to the mandates of his order, this Soul Hunter plans on murdering her and taking her soul that way. He begins draining her blood to kill her slowly. As she nears death, his machine allows him to glimpse some of her thoughts, and what he sees surprises him greatly.


"I have come for you, Satai Delenn, to save your soul..."

Fortunately, Sinclair is able to rescue her and kill the Soul Hunter. He takes her immediately to MedLab where Dr. Stephen Franklin (himself just recently transferred to the station) is able to save her. Awakening briefly, Delenn sees Sinclair standing nearby and deliriously mutters, "We were right about you" before falling asleep again. After she recovers, Sinclair arranges for the dead Soul Hunter's collection to be given to her in secret. She cracks the globes containing them, releasing the souls from their captivity.[17]


Delenn recovers in Medlab

Delenn is sent an aide a few weeks later; a young acolyte named Lennier. She welcomes him in the same way Dukhat welcomed her, telling him it is all right to look up. She also explains that he is not to mention her connection to the Grey Council, nor use her title when addressing her.

Lennier assists Delenn in putting on a Minbari Rebirth Ceremony during a week- long series of festivities aimed at highlighting the different religious traditions of the races on the station.[18]

Beliefs and Deceptions[]


The Minbari Rebirth Ceremony.

Shaal Mayan comes to Babylon 5 in early 2258 as part of a tour that will eventually take her to Earth. After a poetry reading, Shaal comes with Delenn to her quarters to catch up. It is very late when she leaves. Just minutes after she does, she is viciously attacked and branded by unknown assailants, part of a wave of anti-alien assaults committed aboard the station. Delenn expresses her outrage and disgust over the attack to Sinclair personally. He assures her he will catch the assailants promptly. While the investigation continues, Delenn introduces Sinclair to an ambassador named Mila Shar. She is surprised when Sinclair gives them both cold shoulders. She later learns that Sinclair's behavior was part of a ruse to get close to Malcolm Biggs, a human member of Homeguard responsible for coordinating the attacks. Delenn and Shaal (now recovered from her injuries) watch with G'Kar as Biggs and the other perpetrators are deported from the station.[8]


Shaal Mayan, Delenn, and G'Kar

A few weeks later, Sinclair is kidnapped by a pair of human agents intent on finding out if he is hiding anything about the Battle of the Line. Delenn becomes aware of his absence and tries to help find him. Sinclair manages to escape his captors on his own, but their treatments have left him delirious. Armed with a PPG, he takes a few shots at station personnel. Delenn ignores the warnings to stay away and confronts Sinclair directly. He raves about "knowing her," then snaps his delusion without harming her.


"I am your friend, Commander."

Later that day, Sinclair visits Delenn in her quarters to thank her for the help. Unknown to Sinclair, another member of the Grey Council has come aboard, fearful their secret is on the verge of being exposed. Worried he might have remembered something they had suppressed, Delenn asks a few indirect questions, but Sinclair says he was merely delirious. After he leaves, the other Council member warns her that if he should ever remember, he would have to be killed to keep the secret. Delenn reluctantly states her agreement.[19]

When the mass murderer known as Deathwalker is found on the station, Delenn is back on Minbar. Lennier contacts her with a message from Sinclair appealing for the Minbari Federation to vote for her to be held for trial on Babylon 5. Delenn instructs Lennier to vote in her place, but to vote against a trial, on orders from the Grey Council. She explains to Lennier that the Council does not wish to reveal that Deathwalker was being harbored for years by a Minbari clan, the Wind Swords (unknown to the Grey Council for years but discovered during the Earth-Minbari War). The Grey Council cannot endure the embarrassment of revealing the fact now.[20]

A short time later, Delenn is approached by M'Ola and Tharg, a couple who wish Delenn to intercede on their behalf regarding their son, Shon. The boy is dying and Dr. Franklin wishes to operate despite the fact the family’s religious beliefs prohibit the operation. Delenn is torn over the incident, as she believes deeply that their beliefs should be respected—yet she also knows that Dr. Franklin is doing what he believes is right, thus she feels her own beliefs prevent her from interfering.[21]


"What is the purpose of your question, Mr. Morden?"


Delenn's implant activates

A mysterious man named Morden comes to Babylon 5 and schedules a meeting with Delenn. Curious about him, Delenn learns that he has also scheduled a meeting with G'Kar, making her wonder if he is approaching all of the ambassadors. When he comes to meet her, he asks simply, "What do you want?" As a member of the Grey Council, she was given a kind of implant by a Triluminary. The implant alerts her that Morden is in league with the Shadows. Concealing what she really knows, Delenn demands that  Morden leave immediately. She realizes that the time is almost at hand.[12]

A man named Aldous Gajic contacts Delenn, letting her know that he will be arriving on the station shortly and hoping she will help him in a quest. Delenn is honored and moved over the request, as the man is a "true seeker," someone deeply revered among the Minbari. She asks Sinclair to provide a full honor guard for his arrival. Sinclair barely conceals his amusement when Gajic arrives and announces he is on a quest to find the Holy Grail. Delenn confronts Sinclair about this privately and he tells her that Gajic is probably the only "true seeker" in the human race. Delenn, amused, tells him he does not know himself very well.


Delenn offers help to Aldous Gajic, a true seeker.

Sadly, Delenn can offer no information for Gajic. He is killed shortly thereafter, but a petty criminal whom Gajic reformed through his kindness takes up the quest after his passing. Delenn gives him a gift before he leaves with Gajic's body, wishing him well in his journeys.[22]

About midway through the year, Shai Alyt Bramner, a great hero from the War, dies unexpectedly while on a tour outside the Federation. His clan, the Star Riders, insist on parading his remains through several sectors on a long march back to Minbar. Delenn is disgusted by this display, as it flagrantly goes against the stated wishes of Bramner himself. Before converting to the Warrior Caste and fighting in the war, Bramner had been an important priest in the Religious Caste, someone whom Delenn respected and admired very much. She meets Alyt Neroon, Bramner's former second-in-command, when he arrives with Bramner's body at Babylon 5. She confides her unease in the situation with Sinclair, who is trying to fight off emotions stirred up from the War.


Alyt Neroon, standing before Delenn

While Bramner's body is lying in state privately, Delenn has several of her closest agents stun the Minbari guards and steal the body. Pretending she knows nothing of what has happened, she secretly has the body cremated, intending to have the ashes scattered over Minbar per Bramner's original wishes. Her plan called for her to attempt to explain the disappearance as a miracle, but Neroon pushes a relentless investigation that even involves him briefly assaulting Sinclair.

Delenn's plan goes awry when she is approached by Susan Ivanova about a young woman named Alisa Beldon, a human telepath whose talent has just surfaced. Not wanting Alisa to join the Psi Corps, Ivanova asks Delenn to talk about Minbari telepaths. During their conversation, Alisa reads Delenn's mind for a moment. Despite training on how to avoid such probes, Delenn cannot act quickly enough. Alisa realizes her part in the body's disappearance and tells Sinclair. After acknowledging her part to Sinclair privately, she decides to let Neroon know (also privately). She issues a direct order for him to remain silent about the incident and to apologize to Sinclair for her actions. Neroon, a loyal soldier, follows the command. Afterwards, Delenn arranges (per her request) for Alisa to be taken in by the Minbari, hoping she can serve as a bridge to better foster relations between her people and humans.[23]

Voices from the Past[]


"Then I shall not see you again..."

While Delenn successfully negotiates with Londo Mollari a treaty between their empires regarding Sector 119, strange events begin occurring on Epsilon 3. After the negotiations, Delenn is surprised when she arrives at her quarters and finds her old teacher, Draal. She welcomes him warmly and they catch up on old times well into the night. The following morning, over breakfast, Delenn asks Draal why he has been willing to talk about everything except why he has come to the station. Draal admits that he has become disillusioned and morose for his own people, and is "going to the sea of stars," a Minbari tradition fairly common among the elderly. Delenn is distressed, realizing it means she will never see him again. Draal, confident in his decision, tells her they should make the most of the time they have. She agrees and tries to keep a light heart, showing him much of the station. She even introduces him to Londo, who is feeling particularly cheerful.[24]


"I understand, Delenn: one of us will not be coming back, yes?"

However, Draal never makes his planned trip. An excursion to the planet by Sinclair and Ivanova returns with an alien named Varn. Draal leads Delenn to the Medlab where Varn speaks to them briefly. Draal explains to Sinclair that he had heard Varn's voice calling to him the night before, though he does not clearly state that Varn mentioned needing a replacement, a new guardian for the Great Machine in the planet. After Sinclair leaves, Draal and Delenn are met by Londo, who offers to pilot them down to the planet with Varn. Delenn is surprised when he admits he knows just as well as she does that Varn expects someone to replace him—someone who will be remaining on the planet. He agrees to help anyway, but lets Delenn know that one day he will ask for a favor in return. Delenn knows Draal will be that someone. The trio springs Varn from the Medlab and makes it to the planet, pursued by Michael Garibaldi. Draal takes his place in the heart of the Machine, stabilizing the planet and issuing an edict that all are forbidden from trying to claim it. Varn explains that Draal's mind will touch the stars themselves. Delenn says her good-byes and returns to the station.

Once back, Garibaldi asks why Delenn chose to keep the command staff out of the loop. Delenn explains that she had to do it—otherwise, Sinclair would be the one in the Great Machine, and she knows his destiny lies elsewhere.[25]

"Valen said the humans, some among them, had a destiny we could not interfere with..."
"They do not seek conformity. They do not surrender."
"Out of their differences comes symmetry, their unique capacity to fight against impossible odds."
"Hurt them, they only come back stronger."



"We may best avoid division by removing you from our company..."

Later in the year, Delenn is summoned to a meeting of the Council. She meets their cruiser in deep space and joins the Nine. The others let her know that at long last, they have decided to elect a real new leader for them. They have chosen her, as she is most widely traveled and experienced, not to mention the protégé of Dukhat. Delenn says she does not think it is possible, referring to the prophecies regarding a transformation that is supposed to occur. She knows that if she accepts the role as leader, she will never undergo such a transformation, nor indeed even ever leave the Council's ship. She calls the Council together and states her desire to reject the leadership offer. The others question her actions, and she explains that her part to play in the prophecies is on Babylon 5 with the humans. She defends their importance and reiterates that the Second Shadow War is coming.


Delenn stands before the Grey Council.

The Council votes and by a narrow margin approves her decision. Afterwards, Delenn is secretly given one of the Triluminaries by another member of the council, to be used for her inevitable transformation. She is grateful, though also mindful that her actions will almost certainly result in her being expelled from the Council sooner or later.[26]

The Change[]

On December 30, 2258, Delenn finally finishes a device she had been building in her quarters since receiving it and the Triluminary —one that will allow her to undergo the prophesied transformation. She knows the timing must be right—when the Shadows have returned. She asks Lennier to go to Kosh and ask if indeed they have returned to their homeworld, Z'ha'dum. Kosh answers in the affirmative. Wishing to rid herself of any remaining threads of doubt about the Vorlons and the upcoming conflict, Delenn goes to see Kosh herself, insisting he reveal himself to her. Kosh steps out of his encounter suit, and as soon as she sees him all her doubts are erased.

Knowing Sinclair has an important part to play of his own, Delenn tracks him down the following day and shows him the Triluminary, asking if he remembers it. He responds that he does, and he remembers some of what happened to him on the Line. Delenn offers to explain the whole truth to him. Sinclair explains that Garibaldi is missing and he cannot do anything else until he is found. Delenn understands, saying she can wait a little while but not too long. Returning to her quarters, Delenn inserts the Triluminary into the device. It begins constructing a chrysalis. Delenn waits in vain for Sinclair to arrive, but he is delayed. Delenn must enter the chrysalis before she can tell him anything. Lennier stands vigil over her, not knowing how she will emerge.[27]

Rough Transitions[]

"We are all slaves to our histories. If there is to be a bright future, we must learn to break those chains."



"I have undergone this change... so that I may become a bridge between our two worlds."

After being in a cocoon for over two weeks, Delenn finally emerges in mid January, 2259. When she first emerges, she is in constant pain, as her skin is still going through the final phases of her transformation. Lennier discovers her emergence and calls for Dr. Franklin, who comes immediately and is sworn to secrecy by Lennier. Dr. Franklin has little to offer in terms of aid, but Delenn does not actually require any and soon is completely transformed. She is now part human, with the most obvious change being that her bone crest is diminished and she has grown a full head of brown human hair. Delenn presents herself to the Babylon 5 Advisory Council, and to the new station commander, Captain John Sheridan. She explains to him that her transformation is part of a move to better understand humans so that their races can continue to build up their relations.[28]

Presumably, at this time, Lennier explains to Delenn how he told Sheridan and Ivanova the truth about Sinclair, the Battle of the Line, and the belief that humans have been sharing Minbari souls.


"I am more 'one of us' at this moment than I have ever been."

Despite her intentions (and the prophecies of Valen), Delenn quickly discovers her change will bring one trial after another. Still adjusting to the changes in biology, she also experiences headaches and periods of fatigue. Dr. Franklin insists on her coming in for regular checkups. The Minbari community on the station almost immediately expresses doubts about her, questioning whether she is truly Minbari anymore. Not able to reveal the full depths of the ancient prophecies, she asks them for their loyalty and trust. They cannot give it completely and ask to send a representative to the Grey Council to allay their concerns.[29]


"My transformation... is supposed to be a dignified experience!"

Adjusting to the human characteristics would prove a long and bumpy road: Delenn had no idea how to care for her hair, which required some help from Susan Ivanova to get it ready in time for Londo Mollari's Ascension Day party (Susan was the only human she trusted enough to help her through such an embarrassing situation). She also apparently started having menstrual cramps, something unknown to Minbari women. Additionally, Delenn experimented with human clothing as well as having purchased a human dress so she could be properly dressed for dinner with John Sheridan. She also began wearing high heels.[30]


First Date

Nevertheless, Delenn did what she could to adjust and acclimate herself, hoping all the while to better understand humans. She invites Captain Sheridan out to dinner. He is surprised, but agrees, offering to go to Fresh Air Restaurant. Before meeting him there, Delenn buys a human dress "guaranteed to turn heads." She and Sheridan enjoy each other's company immensely, discovering there is more in common between their two peoples than they might have thought.[31]

In June 2259, Turhan, the Emperor of the Centauri Republic, arrives on the station for a good will tour. Delenn is one of the ambassadors gathered at a reception to formally welcome him. Unfortunately, before he can arrive at this reception, Turhan suffers a major heart attack that leaves him near death. In the vacuum created by his impending death, factions within the Centauri Republic launch an attack on Quadrant 14, a Narn colony, conquering it completely. As a result, the Narn Regime officially declares war against the Republic, starting the Narn-Centauri War. Turhan dies a few hours later.


Dodger defends Delenn from some drunken Ground Pounders

That same day, Delenn receives a message from Jeffrey Sinclair, who is now acting as the leader of the Rangers on Minbar, training them for the upcoming Shadow War. He puts the Rangers operating out of Babylon 5 under Delenn's authority and alerts her to the latest information they have been able to uncover about the Shadows. He may have also told her that he informed Garibaldi about their presence, though he did not explain the full story about the Shadows to him.[32]

Soon afterwards, Earthforce sends a large division of Marines to the station, allegedly on their way to Io. Delenn is annoyed at the presence of such a huge force of fighting men on a station dedicated to peace and neutrality. She maintains hope that the Council can still mediate the hostilities between the Narn and Centauri, though she does admit her doubts whether such a thing is now possible. Her latest attempts at negotiations have been a complete failure, as both G'Kar and Londo refuse to even speak to each other.

A few of the Marines (having had too much to drink) harass and then threaten violence towards Delenn. She is saved by a Marine named "Dodger" and quickly alerts Michael Garibaldi. She is happy when the division moves out a few days later.[33]

The Outcast[]

"I stood beside you as one of the Nine. I called many of you friends. And now you call me 'outcast'. You know me, you know I believe in the task that is before us: the Great War that is coming. I have not turned my back on you. In trying to help, I have sacrificed all that I was and all that I am. We can no longer allow ourselves to be separated by names and borders. Our two sides must unite or be destroyed. Do not let my sacrifice be a vain one."

Delenn, appealing to remain at Babylon 5

Midway through the year, Delenn is recalled to the Grey Council to stand in judgment. Lennier insists on accompanying her, despite her warnings that in doing so he risks future repercussions. After arriving aboard the Grey Council's ship, she is informed that she has been stripped of her title of Satai, cast out from among the Nine.


"You are an affront to the purity of our race, and your belief you are satisfying prophecy is presumption of the highest order."

Allowed to appear before them to ask about her assignment as ambassador to Babylon 5, she is shocked to learn that Neroon has replaced her—giving the Warrior Caste an unprecedented advantage in the Council. Neroon angrily tells her that it was the Warrior Caste's right, as they fought and died in the war against Earth only to have it end in surrender, scoffing at the notion that humans are being born with Minbari souls. Despite their displeasure with her, the Council allows her to stay as the Minbari representative on Babylon 5. Neroon in particular believes that is where she belongs, claiming that she no longer has a home among either Minbari or the humans.

On her way back to the station, Delenn learns that Captain Sheridan has been kidnapped by a strange alien race. Delenn is able to identify the aliens as the Streib, and gives Cmdr. Ivanova coordinates for their homeworld. She then accompanies an assault force led by Sheridan's old command, the destroyer EAS Agamemnon, which successfully rescues the captain.[34]


"My people are tired of war, G'Kar..."

As the Narn-Centauri War heats up, G'Kar relates stories of Centauri atrocities, particularly their targeting of civilian vessels. He appeals to the Minbari Federation for assistance. Delenn is troubled by the reports, but points out that G'Kar many times vowed never to rest until all the Centauri were wiped out. He understands that his actions make it difficult to ask for help, but offers to beg if that is what he has to do. Delenn tells him that her people are tired of fighting, tired of wars, and they will not want be dragged into another one. She offers to do what she can to bring political pressure upon the Centauri, but G'Kar states it is far too late for that.

That same day, Sheridan approaches Delenn with an alternative means to assist them. He suggests pooling their resources to bring in food and medical supplies to Narn territories, then smuggle out refugees. Delenn agrees to help and they explain the plan to G'Kar, who is grateful but now convinced his people are fighting a losing war.[35]

A few weeks later, Sheridan shoots and kills a Minbari warrior on the station. Another Minbari witness, Ashan, claims that Sheridan gunned him down in cold blood after the warrior offered to surrender. Delenn and Lennier attempt to question Ashan about the veracity of his claims, but he refuses to speak with Delenn, calling her a "freak."


"I answer to other Minbari, not freaks."

Delenn cannot believe Sheridan is capable of cold-blooded murder, but is not ready to believe Ashan would tell a lie, as that is a serious taboo in Minbari culture that would blacken his entire clan. As Delenn prepares the dead warrior to be sent back, she discovers that both he and Ashan are of the same clan: the Third Fane of Chudomo, the same clan as Lennier's. They both realize Ashan is lying to save his Clan's honor—the one thing that would compel him to lie. The Federation soon requests that Ashan be sent back to Minbar. Without his presence for Sheridan to rebut, he knows his credibility will be shattered forever. He asks Delenn for help, and she agrees to give it.


"Lavell threw away his life for nothing."

They set up Ashan to confess to the truth—the Clan elders set up a plot to frame Sheridan, resentful that a man who had killed many of their relatives on board the Drala Fi during the war had been given command of the station. A grateful Sheridan makes a deal with Delenn to prevent Lennier and his entire Clan from being disgraced: if Ashan admits the truth of the attack, Sheridan will not make him disclose the details behind it. Delenn happily accepts.[36]

When an ISN film crew comes aboard for a special segment, Delenn agrees to an interview. When Cynthia Torqueman asks her some rather pointed questions about her transformation (specifically as to whether it is not an affront to the humans killed by the Minbari in the War that a Minbari leader now has a human face), Delenn is overwhelmed by the experience and breaks down in tears. She does, however, do a brief followup when asked simply if Babylon 5 is "worth it," to which she emphatically responds "yes." She explains that humans are the only ones capable of successfully maintaining such a station.[37]

While she has found the interview unsettling, Delenn does come to appreciate Earth news outlets to an extent, particularly a section in Universe Today called "Eye on Minbari",which often has some interesting stories that she has not been privy to directly from her people.[15]

Revelations and Inquisitions[]

"Come, Captain. The greatest nightmare of our age awaits you."


Kosh comes to Delenn and alerts her that Sheridan has detained Morden, who they both know is an agent of the Shadows. They go to see Sheridan and insist that Morden be released immediately. Sheridan, seeking to find out what happened to his wife (knowing she and Morden were on the same ship that allegedly exploded) refuses to cater to their request without an explanation. Kosh agrees and they head to Delenn's quarters. She reveals what she knows about the Shadows—she tells about the Last Great Shadow War 10,000 years before, the Great War 1,000 years earlier, and the inevitable Second Shadow War that looms. She explains about the First Ones and that the Vorlons are the last of them aside from the Shadows. Kosh then reveals to Sheridan the truth about the Icarus, his wife's ship. The ship arrived on Z'ha'dum and awakened a few hibernating Shadows. Those who would not serve them (like Morden) were killed.


Delenn reveals the truth to Sheridan about the Shadows

Delenn then tells Sheridan that Morden is always in the presence of one or more Shadows (who can be invisible), and if Sheridan persists in keeping Morden locked up the Shadows will have to reveal themselves. She explains that the one advantage the side of Light has is that the Shadows do not know they are aware of them, an advantage they will need if they have any hope. A pained Sheridan agrees to cut Morden loose, but goes to Kosh and insists he teach him how to fight and beat the Shadows.[38]

What Delenn does not tell Sheridan is that she knows it is possible Sheridan's wife, Anna, is alive on Z'ha'dum. She withholds this because she knows that if he believed it was even possible she was alive, he would go immediately there to find her.[39]

Not long afterwards, Delenn decides to invite Sheridan over for a traditional Minbari meal. She asks Lennier to prepare it, and given a guest of Sheridan's stature, the rituals required have him cook and prepare for two days straight. Sheridan is happy to join them for the meal, but during one of the meditation periods dozes off. He is alerted by C'n'C of a problem involving a Markab transport and has to leave before finishing (but happily after all the rituals are completed so Lennier does not have to start over).


Sheridan joins Delenn and Lennier for Minbari cuisine

The situation with the Markab transport is far worse than anyone could have imagined. A deadly plague known as Drafa has swept across the Markab people, striking down young and old. The Markabs believe the disease only strikes down the impure, so their ambassador persuades all two thousand of them to seal themselves into a remote area of the station. While Dr. Franklin and his staff try desperately to find a cure, Delenn and Lennier decide to administer to the Markabs, who are all terrified over their plight. She goes to Sheridan and personally makes the request to be sealed in with the Markabs. Sheridan at first refuses, as they still do not know if the disease can affect non-Markabs. Delenn insists and Sheridan gives in, saddened to think she may not walk out.



Delenn and Lennier enter the quarantined area and offer what comfort they can to the Markab people. Unfortunately, the Markab confining themselves together in one place only helps spread the disease faster. Delenn and Lennier have to watch as every single one dies before their eyes. Franklin discovers a cure but is too late to save a single one. Sheridan comforts Delenn, overwhelmed with grief over the great tragedy.[7]

In October, Delenn is contacted by Lyta Alexander, who is back on the station. Lyta asks Delenn to accompany her in approaching the command staff, as she expresses she does not trust them individually. Delenn honors her request, not inquiring further about what has Lyta so suspicious. She also shares another tender moment with Sheridan (after a bit of confusion over some gaps in her vocabulary), and they both realize they are developing feelings for one another.[15]


"Eye on Minbari?"

In the final days of the Narn-Centauri War, Delenn is contacted by Draal via the Great Machine. He invites her and Sheridan to come to Epsilon 3 for a visit (he also appeared to Sheridan separately). The Machine had restored his youth and vigor. Sheridan and Delenn journey down to the planet. Draal greets them and offers the services of the Great Machine in the upcoming War. During their meeting, he is alerted to distress calls and tells them they are needed back on the station—the Centauri have begun orbital bombardment of Narn itself. When the news breaks on the station, mass riots erupt. Sheridan has a security team escort Delenn back to her quarters.

Four days later, Londo Mollari calls a session of the Babylon 5 Advisory Council and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, announcing that the Narn Regime has offered complete and unconditional surrender to the Centauri Republic. As one of the terms of the surrender, Londo insists G'Kar (now stripped of his rank) return to Narn for trial. Sheridan announces that G'Kar has requested sanctuary on the station and that he has granted it. Delenn announces that the Minbari Federation will support Sheridan's decision. However, neither she nor Sheridan are able to prevent Mollari from having G'Kar removed from the Advisory Council and barred from future League sessions.


The Line has been Drawn

Afterwards, Delenn, Kosh, and Michael Garibaldi introduce Sheridan to the Rangers (Garibaldi had been alerted to their presence by Sinclair at the same time he alerted Delenn). Delenn transfers joint control of the Rangers in that area to Sheridan.[40]


"Who are you?"

Kosh, however, has concerns regarding Delenn: he wants to be sure that she is indeed "the right person in the right place at the right time." He insists she submit to an Inquisitor—and that her life will depend on her passing his tests. She approaches Sheridan and requests that an isolated area be sealed off for the test and that the Inquisitor be allowed to come aboard without any trouble. Sheridan is uneasy, not completely understanding why Kosh has made the request, but agrees to go along with it. After the Inquisitor comes aboard and is ready for her, she goes alone to face her test, unsure if she will walk out alive.


"You may go. You have passed. Both of you."

The Inquisitor has Delenn put a pain giver on, using them to bring her pain for incorrect answers. However, he only really asks one question: "Who are you?" Delenn struggles to find the answer he seeks, but is unable to satisfy him. After several hours of torturous inquisition, he briefly leaves her just as Lennier comes looking for her. He tries to get her to leave, but she insists she must see it through to the end. Lennier then goes and alerts Sheridan, who comes alone to find her. The Inquisitor seizes Sheridan and begins torturing him. Seeing this, Delenn confronts him, telling him to return his attentions to her. He asks her if she is willing to die for him, and she replies that "life is her cause," that one life or a billion is all the same. The Inquisitor is pleased, allowing them both to leave and telling him that they are indeed "the right people."[41]

Stirred on by their victories, the Centauri Republic soon begins a series of violent campaigns against several other of its neighbors. When Sheridan offers sanctuary to a Narn heavy cruiser, a firefight erupts outside the station involving a Centauri battle cruiser. The Centauri ship is destroyed, but the Earth Alliance insists Sheridan offer a formal apology in the Gardens before a host of ambassadors and others. Delenn and Kosh wait in one isolated corner of the Zen Garden when suddenly the core shuttle carrying Sheridan explodes. He manages to dive out, but is falling too quickly for anyone to rescue him. Delenn appeals to Kosh, asking him to save Sheridan. Kosh complies, stepping out of his encounter suit and revealing himself as a being of light to all assembled. He flies up and rescues Sheridan.

Afterwards, Delenn explains to Sheridan that the Vorlons have been visiting the younger races for many thousands of years, arguably "manipulating" them so they will respond favorably when they see them. Kosh only appeared to some, not all of those in the garden, however. Delenn warns Sheridan that his appearance will be an alarm to the Shadows, but it was a risk they had to take.[42]

The Second Shadow War[]

The Hidden Light[]

Working in secret with the Rangers, Delenn was involved with the construction of a new class of Minbari ship, the White Star. This revolutionary design was compact, powerful, faster than almost anything in normal space, and could open its own jump point.


"Take a good look, Captain... That is the face of our enemy."

Early in 2260, a member of Earthforce Special Intelligence named David Endawi arrived on the station, seeking information about a few seconds of video footage that captured a Shadow Vessel. He asks Delenn and Captain Sheridan if they can identify it. Delenn offers a half-truth—she had never actually seen one until that moment, even though she does know exactly what it is.


Delenn and Lennier meet Marcus in Downbelow

At the same time, a Ranger named Marcus Cole slipped aboard Babylon 5. Pursued by mercenaries working for the Shadows, Marcus contacted Delenn through Lennier and asked to meet her in Downbelow. After proving his identity, he warned her of a Centauri blockade around a Drazi colony world where many Rangers had been sent for training. As they left Downbelow, the three of them were attacked by the mercenaries after Marcus, but they managed to fight them off. Delenn and Marcus ask Sheridan to help lift the blockade so the Rangers may escape. Sheridan and Ivanova come with them in a shuttle to a place where the White Star is waiting (Ivanova, it would seem, has known all about the Shadows, the Rangers, and the upcoming war for some time). Once aboard, Delenn offers the vessel to Sheridan and explains its many features. An elated Sheridan orders them to head for the colony as fast as they can. Once they arrive, they discover all the Centauri ships are gone, but a powerful system of orbiting satellites maintains the blockade. The White Star easily shoots down enough of them to allow the Rangers to escape the planet. However, a Shadow vessel jumps into the local space and attacks.

Delenn is fearful of the Shadow vessel, sure that the White Star cannot oppose it directly. Sheridan orders the ship to flee, using the local Jump Gate to hide the fact the White Star can form its own jump point. The Shadow ship follows them into Hyperspace. Once they arrive at the Markab homeworld, Sheridan orders them to exit through the jumpgate, then open a jump point inside the gate. The maneuver destroys the gate in a massive explosion that wipes out the Shadow vessel along with it. Once back on Babylon 5, Delenn covers for Sheridan, saying his absence was the result of his assistance in helping a Minbari diplomatic shuttle that had been in distress. Once Endawi leaves, Sheridan calls his senior staff together to give them the whole story about the Shadows and the oncoming war. Delenn explains the full history of the last Great War and what must be done to save the future.[43]


Delenn visits Lennier as he recovers in Medlab

A few days later, Delenn leaves for Minbar to continue with her work preparing for the War. Upon her return, a bomb explodes in the customs area just after she disembarked. Lennier, there to meet her, saves her and Ambassador Mollari from the explosion, but is severely wounded in the process. He is rushed to MedLab, where Delenn stays with him for a time, upset over the incident. The bombing was one of a series by an insane bomber. Sheridan and Mr. Garibaldi eventually able to find and arrest the bomber. Lennier awakens in MedLab while Delenn is visiting him. He eventually makes a full recovery.[44]


"Thank you. And now, the truth."

Soon thereafter, Londo comes to visit Delenn. Their relationship is now icy at best, but Londo asks her for a favor, recalling the time when he helped her and Draal. He quickly explains that the favor is not for himself but for his aide, Vir Cotto. Londo thinks Vir would be the perfect person to send to the currently defunct Centauri embassy on Minbar. Delenn asks Londo why he is doing this for Vir, and Londo quietly says that he is very fond of his assistant and thinks it would be far better for him to be away from what is coming. However, when Delenn suggests Londo "needs" Vir, he coldly rejects any such sentiment. Delenn agrees to the request and soon Vir is on his way to Minbar.[45]


Delenn and Lennier, bidding good night to Brother Edward, a true seeker

A group of human monks led by a Brother Theo establish themselves on Babylon 5 in an effort to learn more about alien beliefs and religions. As "true seekers," they are welcomed cordially by Delenn and Lennier, who agree to talk with them about Minbari beliefs. A monk named Brother Edward is the one sent to talk with them, but tragically he is killed soon thereafter.[46]

Delenn and Sheridan's newly formed "War Council" begins meeting regularly. Draal begins attending them (via holographic projections). The two of them talk to the others about the First Ones, how they were important in the last war and how if any remain they would be instrumental in turning the tide against the Shadows. The Council agrees that they must try to find them however possible. Working with Draal, Ivanova is able to locate the Walkers of Sigma-957 and manages to convince them to stand when the time comes.[47]


"Wars are won or lost before they are fought."

At the next meeting of the Council, Sheridan warns them that Alfred Bester, a human telepath, is coming to the station. Sheridan and the others explain to Delenn that they do not trust him not to scan them, which could unearth everything they had been working for in secret. Delenn offers the use of a team of Minbari telepaths to block Bester from trying anything until they can convince him to take the Sleepers, drugs that inhibit his abilities, while on the station. They are all grateful when he departs after helping bust open an illegal Dust smuggling ring.[48]

Working with the Rangers, Michael Garibaldi arranges for a former member of IPX, Dr. Kirkish, to come aboard Babylon 5. She tells about a Shadow vessel that was found on Mars a few years before. That ship was recovered by another Shadow vessel and Kirkish was reassigned, ordered not to say anything to anyone about what she had seen. Recently, however, another ship was discovered on Ganymede. Earthforce was planning on reactivating the ship within a week.


"I will watch, and catch you if you should fall."

After making arrangements for Kirkish to go to Minbari space for her safety, Delenn and Sheridan form a desperate plan to destroy the Shadow vessel before it can come online. Leaving his uniform and all identification behind, Sheridan captains the White Star with Delenn and Lennier on a mission towards Earth. As they head through hyperspace, Delenn and Sheridan enjoy some time together in the crew quarters. As Sheridan is unused to sleeping on the Minbari beds (which are at an angle), Delenn tells him she will "watch and catch him should he fall."


"In Valen's's awake!"

When they arrive in Earth space, the White Star jumps in near Ganymede and quickly heads for the site where the vessel is being experimented upon. They pick up a transmission that someone is about to enter the ship. Delenn explains to Sheridan that Shadow ships use living beings as their central processing systems and warns that whomever is going inside is not prepared. They arrive at the moon too late, as the Shadow ship becomes fully operational and destroys the facility where it is being held before rising above the moon. They realize the ship is "insane," as the merger did not go as it was supposed to. Sheridan orders the White Star to attack it, and while they do not cause any significant damage, they do get it to follow them. The White Star flies into Jupiter with the vessel in pursuit, far enough inside the gas giant for the Shadow ship to be trapped by the gravity well and be destroyed. As they prepare to exit the planet, however, the EAS Agamemnon turns up and orders their surrender. Delenn suggests opening a jump point while still inside the atmosphere, a risky move but one that allows them to escape. ISN reports the incident as an "unknown alien ship" being destroyed after launching an unprovoked attack on the colony. That same day, EA President Morgan Clark uses the incident as an excuse to declare martial law.[49]

Endings and New Beginnings[]

"Only one Human captain has survived an encounter with a Minbari fleet. He is behind me, you are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else."


Chaos and all-out war follow in the ensuing weeks. A badly injured Ranger arrives on the station, warning about the plots of the Shadows coming to fruition. He explains to Delenn that the Shadows have made alliances with half the members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, convincing them to accept their "protection" against the might of the Centauri Republic—but once allied with a force so powerful, they were then seduced into going to war for conquest with their neighbors. Asking how the Grey Council had responded to this news, the Ranger mournfully relates the Council has declared that "the problems of others are not our concern."

Outraged over their complacency, Delenn leaves Babylon 5, heading directly for the Grey Council's ship. Despite messages that they will refuse to see her, Delenn boards the ship and marches right into their chamber. Chiding them for standing idly by while chaos and destruction threaten the entire galaxy, she reminds them of her oft-repeated warnings and how they dismissed them. Accusing them of pride and breaking their covenant with Valen, Delenn seizes the leadership staff and snaps it in two, declaring that the Council is broken, as Valen himself prophesied long ago. If the Warrior Caste would not act, then the other castes will. She then leads the representatives of the Religious and Worker Castes out of the chamber, preparing to do what is necessary to win the war against the Shadows.

"For three years I warned you this day was coming, but you would not listen. Pride, you said. Presumption. And now the Shadows are on the move! The Centauri and the younger worlds are at war, the Narns have fallen, even the Humans are fighting one another. The pride was yours; the presumption, yours. For 1,000 years we have been awaiting the fulfillment of prophecy, and when it finally happens you scorn it, you reject it, because you no longer believe it yourselves... If the Council has lost its way, if it will not lead, if we have abandoned our covenant with Valen... then the Council will be broken! As was prophesied. We must stand with the others now before it is too late... Our time of isolation is over. We move now--together--or not at all."

Delenn, breaking the Grey Council


Delenn stands before the Grey Council.

Back at Babylon 5, the station declared independence from the Earth Alliance in protest over the illegal actions conducted by President Clark. This action led directly to the Battle For B5 Independence.


"Babylon 5 is under our protection: withdraw, or be destroyed!"

After the initial task force sent by Clark is destroyed, a second task force arrives, one that will overwhelm the station's defenses. Delenn leads the White Star and three Sharlin class Minbari warcruisers to the station. She declares that Babylon 5 is under the protection of the Minbari and if the task force does not withdraw, it will be destroyed. The Earth vessels quickly withdraw. Delenn comes aboard and is met by Sheridan in the customs area, who thanks her for the rescue.[50]

Delenn's Acknowledgement

Delenn acknowledges the Minbari who helped in securing B5

Given everything that has happened, Delenn decides the time seems right for a Minbari Rebirth ceremony. To everyone's surprise (including his own), Londo Mollari is the first person she thinks to invite. Londo rebuffs her offer, however, as does G'Kar, who claims he is too busy. Delenn notices Marcus Cole is uncomfortable with the notion of the ceremony, and she talks to him about it. Marcus explains that he does not want to go to the ceremony because a person is required to give something up, and he has nothing left to give. Delenn points out that he still retains his guilt—guilt for living while his brother and so many others died. Marcus considers this before leaving her in the customs area.

Delenn was there to meet the Minbari captain of one of the Minbari ships now stationed in a permanent protective position at the station. Unfortunately, as soon as he comes aboard, they are both kidnapped by Boggs and some other humans are still loyal to Nightwatch and President Clark. Delenn is forced to watch as Bogg's agent murders a member of the captain's crew. Sheridan, Garibaldi, and a security team are able to rescue them, but during the subsequent fight, Delenn steps in front of a knife being thrown at Sheridan. The injury is not life threatening, but will prevent her from conducting the Rebirth ceremony. To compensate, Sheridan, Garibaldi, Franklin, and Ivanova all visit her in MedLab. They all offer a secret they have never told anyone one. Afterwards, Lennier surprises them with new uniforms—something Delenn had ordered him to make shortly after she first thought of holding the ceremony.[51]

The station enjoyed would enjoy only a brief break in the action. Delenn and Sheridan took advantage of the opportunity by having another dinner date, their feelings becoming ever stronger, though they were interrupted twice. Once during the dinner date, the other when they were about to kiss.[52]

With some "help" from Bester, Sheridan is able to capture a transport vessel being used to deliver modified human telepaths to the Shadows. Garibaldi calls the war council together and they realize that telepaths can be used to disrupt the Shadow vessels. Just as they realize they have found the crippling Achilles heel to the ancient race, word comes in that the Shadows are no longer hiding—they are attacking races openly.


"We knew..."

While Sheridan was away securing the transport, Delenn took up the task of bringing G'Kar into the War Council—which meant explaining everything she and the Grey Council knew and had held back about the Shadows, including their apparent aid to the Centauri during the Narn-Centauri War. Tearfully, she asked G'Kar to understand that her silence meant the difference between millions of dead and billions of dead, of whole planets. G'Kar, no longer filled with the rage that once drove him, sorrowfully concedes her point. Delenn remains hopeful that one day he will be able to forgive her.[53]

Over the next several weeks, Sheridan and his crew do what they can to pull together the other races to make a stand against the Shadows. All the races are terrified, and the Centauri and the Earth Alliance are effectively sitting by. Delenn has complete confidence in Sheridan, sure he will work out a solution to bringing everything together. Realizing only a major victory will sway the races to band together (and boost morale), Sheridan asks Kosh to arrange for a Vorlon fleet to engage the Shadows. Kosh initially refuses, but agrees when Sheridan persists. As a result, a Shadow battle group is destroyed by a Vorlon armada—but Kosh is murdered in his quarters in retaliation. The Vorlon Empire contacts Delenn, aware of Kosh's death almost instantly, and relay instructions for dealing with his final remains. Delenn and Sheridan agree to keep the news of his death secret from everyone to keep morale up.[54]

Fulfilling Prophecy[]

"It has already been done. Now that is left is but to do it."



Delenn reveals the truth about Babylon 4

Valen's prophecies, always somewhat cryptic, became perfectly clear when Delenn received a letter from Valen himself, one carefully preserved for over 900 years. She understood the responsibility, but was still troubled by the contents. The letter confirmed that Jeffrey Sinclair not only had Valen's soul, but was destined to become Valen himself. One of the surviving records from the Great War told that the tide of battle had turned against the side of light late in the war, and the greatest Minbari starbase was destroyed by the Shadows. Without a long base of operations, the war would have been lost or ended in a stalemate—and the Shadows would have had three times as many ships for the Second Shadow War. However, a replacement suddenly arrived: Babylon 4. Draal confirms that the Great Machine is capable of opening the time rift in Sector 14 and that six years prior it was the White Star that stole the station. Delenn recruits Sheridan, Ivanova, and Marcus to come with her to make the theft history. They are joined by Sinclair just before they leave the station, but neither he nor Delenn disclose the truth about what is to come. They are also accompanied by Zathras from Epsilon 3.[55]

Problems quickly occur on the mission. Zathras gave them all a time stabilizer to protect them from the effects of the time rift. Unfortunately, Sheridan's is damaged shortly after arriving in 2254 and he is pulled through time. He reappears while the others are doing what they need to pull Babylon 4, which includes slipping onto the station. While there, the time distortion causes them to experiences "time flashes," where they can see a moment from their past or future. Delenn sees a vision of herself watching Sheridan sleep, when someone walks in on them, causing her to drop a snow globe she had been holding. (This later turns out to be Anna Sheridan.) When Sheridan disappears and then reappears again, Delenn gives him her own time stabilizer, causing herself to be pulled through time briefly, though Zathras is able to repair Sheridan's stabilizer and give it to her. Ultimately, the mission is successful. Sinclair declares his intention to stay aboard and pilot the ship into the past. The others reluctantly leave without him. En route back to the station, Delenn explains Sinclair's true destiny—and how her own physical transformation mirrors one Sinclair will undergo once in the distant past to become Minbari.[56]

The One Who Is[]

Desiring to test the theory regarding the Shadows and telepaths, the War Council decides to engage a single Shadow vessel using the White Star with Lyta Alexander as the telepath. Delenn pledges to send a Minbari war cruiser along with three Minbari telepaths to wait in hyperspace should the White Star need assistance. None of the other races volunteer to send ships. G'Kar offers to have the G'Tok go along, but its captain refuses.

The White Star successfully engages a Shadow Vessel—Lyta is able to stun the ship telepathically and the White Star takes it out. Unfortunately, it got off a distress signal, prompting four more Shadow vessels to jump into local space. Fortunately, between the Minbari ship and unexpected reinforcements (including the G'Tok) the Shadow force is defeated, prompting the first real victory of the war without the aid of the Vorlons. The Alliance quickly begins recruiting telepaths and sending them to help defend against the enemy.[57]

After the White Star returns, Delenn leaves for Minbar to attend to the void left by Jeffrey Sinclair. Rathenn insists that Delenn is the natural choice to succeed Sinclair as leader of the Rangers (going so far as to say they would likely follow no other). Delenn reluctantly agrees to accept the position. While conceding it is a logical choice, she is forced to also admit it will not be the most popular choice in some circles. Rathenn comes with her back to Babylon 5 to hold the installation ceremony there. Sheridan congratulates her, agreeing she is the best choice.

However, Neroon has also followed her back to the station. Confronting her privately, he accuses her of attempting to usurp power and become the absolute ruler of the Minbari people. Denying the accusation, she also refuses his demand that she turn over control of the Rangers to the Warrior Caste. Neroon leaves, but swears he will stop her at any cost. Delenn confides in Lennier what happened, but insists that they keep the matter a private one and not alert Sheridan. Lennier agrees, but secretly goes to Marcus Cole and explains the situation. The installation ceremony goes forward, as Marcus successfully delays Neroon until the final moments of it. Neroon enters the chamber just before the ceremony is finished, but concedes that she is the only one fit to lead the Rangers. Afterwards, Delenn and Lennier visit Marcus in the Medlab (as he suffered numerous severe injuries at the hands of Neroon). They are surprised when Neroon visits Marcus to acknowledge that his intent was wrong and he had been short sighted.[6]

As the Shadow attacks begin to escalate, Delenn worries that Sheridan is not taking proper care of himself, as he spends most of the days in the War Room. When a delegation from Earth that secreted classified information about the situation there arrives, Delenn insists that they join the delegation for dinner. Afterwards, one of the members of the delegation, Rev. William Dexter tells Delenn he thinks Sheridan has been working too hard and is exerted himself beyond exhaustion.

The next day, Sheridan asks Delenn to join him in the War Room to try and find a pattern to the Shadow attacks. After hours of fruitless guessing, a frustrated Delenn apologies for not being able to figure it out. Sheridan tells her it was good just to have the company. Minutes later, they figure out the Shadows' strategy—they are driving many refugees towards a particular sector of space, planning to destroy them all in one big strike. When Sheridan mentions it is what he would ("if we were the bad guys"), Delenn realizes Rev. Dexter's assessment was correct and insist he take a few hours off. She has him come with her to a prayer service Dexter has (a rousing Baptist ceremony).

Afterwards, Delenn takes Sheridan aboard the White Star to surprise him. She presents an entire armada of White Stars, explaining that the Minbari had been working on them around the clock to get them ready. Now they are as prepared as they will ever be. The two share the moment with a kiss.[58]

Once back on Babylon 5, Sheridan begins making battle plans while Delenn approaches the remainder of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. She asks them to commit as many ships as they can to a strike force, though she withholds the details of the mission, angering many of the ambassadors. She stresses that secrecy is needed and points out that the Alliance has kept every promise it has made so far. A few hours later, the League agrees to her request.

While Delenn and Sheridan wait for word from Ivanova and Marcus (out scouting for the Shadows), they enjoy a few minutes together. Delenn explains about a Minbari custom where a couple share three nights together: the male sleeps while the female watches (to see his true face). She asks that they share such a night if they return from the battle. They then board a Minbari warcruiser so they can use the holographic display room of the vessel to coordinate the battle.

Soon enough, the signal comes in from the White Star. The Army of Light jumps in from their holding position in hyperspace and engage the Shadows in the Battle of Sector 83. The battle is won and the Shadows are turned back, but at a heavy cost—for every one Shadow vessel destroyed, two Alliance ships were destroyed. The wounded and the dying are taken back to Babylon 5 for treatment. Sheridan confers with Delenn and Ivanova, wondering when the Shadows might strike B5 itself. He also confides in them about a cryptic dream Kosh sent him six months earlier. They spend a few minutes trying to decipher its meaning before Sheridan brushes it off.

That night, Delenn watches Sheridan sleep, beholding "his true face." She finds a snow globe and picks it up to look at it. As she does, the door opens and a woman enters, announcing that she is "Anna Sheridan, John's wife." Delenn drops the snow globe in shock.[59]

Delenn quickly excuses herself, shocked and upset over this turn of events. After talking with Anna and having Dr. Franklin examine her (confirming she seems to be who she claims), Sheridan confronts Delenn privately. He angrily asks why she withheld the possibility that Anna could still be alive from him. Delenn admits the truth: she and Kosh withheld the information because they knew Sheridan might try to go after her. Before John walks out, Delenn tells him she loves him, begging him to believe that even if he never believes anything else she says.

A few hours later, a time delayed message from Sheridan comes to Delenn. In the message, Sheridan explains what he had seen when they were in the time rift with Babylon 4--that he had jumped forward in time for a few minutes; they had won the Shadow War but at a high cost, and the future Delenn warned him both that the future could not be changed and that he must not go to Z'ha'dum. Sheridan explains that he has indeed gone to Z'ha'dum with Anna, despite knowing it must be a trap, because he is hoping to end the Shadow War in doing so. He ends the message by telling her he loves her. Overcome with grief, Delenn breaks down in tears.[60]

End of an Age[]

"As a dear friend once told me: if you're falling off a mountain, you may as well try to fly. Here, at the end, I am giving you one last chance to fly."


Rumors soon reach the station that Sheridan died on Z'ha'dum, crashing the White Star into the planet detonating two thermonuclear bombs on impact. For the next week, the Shadows stopped all their attack. Without their attacks and without Sheridan's driving presence, the Alliance quickly begins to unravel. Delenn, Ivanova, and the others are unable to convince the League worlds to maintain their ships in defense of the station or to launch an attack on Z'ha'dum itself. Angry that the Vorlon ambassador has been ignoring her summons, Delenn insists on meeting with him. The Vorlon meets her in the Zen garden with Lyta Alexander. Delenn asks him to add his voice to hers so they can put together an expedition to Z'ha'dum. Ulkesh refuses, saying that Sherdian is no longer important and that the Vorlons will do what is required on their own.


Delenn, Lyta, and Susan behold the Great Eye of Z'ha'dum

Afterwards, Lyta meets with Ivanova and offers to go along to Z'ha'dum, sure that she can use her telepathy to scan for Sheridan and keep the Shadows distracted. Ivanova and Delenn command the White Star to the Shadows' homeworld. Lyta is unable to keep the Shadows occupied for long, and the Great Eye communicates to all aboard the ship, speaking to each in the voice of their respective father's. Luckily, Lennier's preparations allow them to escape—but there was no trace of Sheridan at all.[61]

Delenn's sorrow nearly consumes her. Ever since Sheridan left, she began fasting and praying almost non-stop for Sheridan. She maintained hope of his survival after the others were convinced it was impossible. Nine days after his disappearance, Lennier asks Dr. Franklin to speak to her about her fasting. Franklin warns Delenn that while Minbari can normally fast for up to two weeks, she is no longer completely Minbari and her extended fast is starting to harm her. Delenn, however, vows to continue it until she sees Sheridan again.

Later, while going through Sheridan's personal effects, Dr. Franklin finds a journal entry Sherdian made six months earlier. He decides to share it with Delenn. It was made just after the Battle For B5 Independence and in it John admits that he is falling in love with Delenn. Emboldened by John's courage, Delenn assembles the Rangers and the entire White Star Fleet at Babylon 5. She relays her decision to launch an all out attack on Z'ha'dum in one week, after they gather what strength they can, even if such an attack is a suicide run. The Rangers vow to follow her, even to their deaths.[39]

On the same day Sheridan left for Z'ha'dum, Michael Garibaldi went missing while on patrol in a Starfury. After a few days, G'kar had gone looking for him, and Marcus Cole immediately then went looking for G'Kar. Marcus found him and together they found a lead on Garibaldi's whereabouts, but G'Kar asks Marcus to return to Babylon 5 while he continues on his own. The lead allows Zack Allan to discover Garibaldi is being carried in a transport not too far from the station. With Ivanova away from the station searching for First Ones in a White Star (along with Marcus, as Ivanova's grasp of the Minbari language was less than adept), Delenn is effectively in command of Babylon 5. She authorizes Zack to take a squadron and recover Garibaldi. The squadron successfully rescues him and brings him unconscious back to the station for recovery.

Meanwhile, word of Delenn's war plans create a minor uproar among many of the other races' representatives. She learns from the Brakiri Ambassador that several of the other ambassadors are planning an assembly in the Zocalo to protest her actions, believing they will only stir up the Shadows and lead to more suffering. Delenn refuses to squash the demonstration, though she does insist on showing up at it to defend her actions. The crowd grows restless and angry by her presence—but all fall silent when Captain Sheridan enters the room. From a platform, he explains that he has returned from Z'ha'dum, a feat everyone said was impossible, and that he knows the Shadows can be defeated once and for all. He calls on everyone to stand with him so they can at last have victory. All who are present agree to fight at his side. Delenn quickly comes to his side and the two embrace.

Sheridan returned to the station with the help of a mysterious being named Lorien. Sheridan explains to Delenn, Lennier, Franklin, and a now awakened Garibaldi what he learned on Z'ha'dum: the Vorlons are not caught up in a war with the Shadows in a conventional sense, but rather they and the Shadows are two sides of an equation; both remained behind after most of the remaining First Ones left the galaxy to shepherd and guide the younger races, but their ideologies were diametrically opposed. While at first respectful, they eventually came to blows, beginning a long series of conflicts. As they are talking, Ivanova and Marcus return from their trip with dire news: the Vorlons have amassed a massive armada of several thousand ships, including a couple which are several miles long and capable of destroying entire planets—and they have decided to wipe out anything and anyone who they deem as having been "touched by Shadows."[62]

As the Army of Light continues to gather its forces to stand against both the Shadows and the Vorlons, Sheridan raises the point that the Vorlon ambassador must be removed from the station, as he poses a serious security risk. Working with Lorien, Lyta Alexander, and station security, Sheridan is able to lure the Vorlon into an attack. Delenn insists on going to the area where the trap is set. Ulkesh is driven from his encounter suit and tries to attack Delenn. Sheridan comes between them, and with Lorien's help, part of Kosh that was inside of him expels itself and attacks Ulkesh, leading to the destruction of both. Sheridan is left near dead for a second time, but once again Lorien revives him, though mentions it is only "for a while."

Afterwards, Sheridan meets with Delenn privately to explain that Lorien's gift has a drawback—it will only keep him alive for 20 years, no more. Delenn is crushed by the news, but Sheridan brushes it aside. He produces an engagement ring and asks her to marry him, desiring to spend what time he has with her. Delenn joyfully accepts the proposal.[63]

Sheridan's proposal

Captain John Sheridan proposes to Delenn.

The Shadows soon reveal a planetkiller of their own, a Death Cloud destroying entire worlds just the same as the Vorlons. Lennier deduces that the Vorlons are on a course that will lead them to Coriana VI, a low-tech world with a Shadow outpost—and six billion inhabitants. Sheridan and the War Council realize they will have to make a stand at Coriana VI, but Sheridan insists the Shadows must be there. He wants to two sides to confront one another. He contacts a White Star, ordering them to allow themselves to be set upon by a Shadow armada so that information can be recovered by the Shadows that will lure them to Coriana VI—a task that will only be successful if the White Star allows itself to be destroyed. The crew readily accepts the assignment, bidding farewell to Delenn and Sheridan before successfully going out on the mission.[64]

Finally, Delenn and Sheridan, aboard White Star 2, lead a fleet of thousands of ships from dozens of worlds to Coriana VI. Along the way, Cmdr. Ivanova contacts them to let them know she has recently returned to the station after another mission to find the last of the First Ones. This time, with Lorien helping her, it was successful. Delenn points out to Sheridan that one ship will not make much of a difference and Ivanova does not have to be at the battle. Sheridan insists on telling her to come, as he promised her he would not leave her behind. Soon afterwards, the Battle of Coriana VI commences.

As the Vorlons and Shadows face off with all the younger races in between, their bitterness and zealotry shines through. The Vorlons telepathically communicate with Sheridan, while the Shadows do the same with Delenn. Both armies appeal to Sheridan and Delenn, telling them that there is no choice but to embrace them and oppose their opposites. However, Lorien uses his powers to allow everyone aboard all the younger race ships to see what Delenn and Sheridan saw before pulling them back. The Shadows and Vorlons make one last final appeal, but Sheridan steadfastly refuses both of them, with all his allies standing with him. Lorien explains to the two ancient foes that their task is done and it is time to depart. Along with the last of the First Ones, they all leave the galaxy forever, leaving it to the younger races.

The fleet heads home. Delenn and Sheridan enjoy the quiet trip back to Babylon 5, reflecting on how the "Third Age" has begun, an age where they can at long last stop "being afraid of Shadows."[65]

Picking Up the Pieces[]

Despite the Shadow War being over, there was still much work to be done. The Earth Alliance Civil War was still ongoing, and President Morgan Clark (now lacking his Shadow allies) declared an embargo on Babylon 5.[66]

In addition to the embargo, Clark uses ISN as his personal propaganda machine to slander the station. An ISN crew comes to the station and pleads that they wish only to report the truth. Sheridan and Delenn consent to an interview where they are asked extensively about their relationship, but nothing too offensive or Clark-centered arises. Once the interview airs, however, it is heavily edited to make it appear Sheridan and Delenn have designs to ultimately conquer Earth.[67]

Thirdspace Encounter[]

Shortly after the Shadow War, Cmdr. Ivanova and a Starfury patrol discover an artifact drifting through Hyperspace. They take it to Babylon 5, where Sheridan is hopeful of what secrets might contain. Despite the embargo, Interplanetary Expeditions sends a representative, Dr. Elizabeth Trent, to take control of the examination. After being placed near the station, the artifact begins to influence the dreams of many inhabitants of Babylon 5, and eventually controls many of them during their waking hours as well. These thralls first demand that the excavation be accelerated and then become increasingly violent towards the rest of the Babylon 5 population. A few of the persons aboard do not seem affected by it, Delenn among them. She and Sheridan both go to find Lyta, as the artifact is covered in Vorlon writing. A leftover "program" within Lyta reveals that the artifact is a Jumpgate built by the Vorlons a million years ago with a purpose of opening a door to a higher realm. In reality, they opened a door to a place called "Thirdspace," a realm inhabited by a violent race that posed a threat even to the Vorlons, and the ensuing battle ended with a group of Vorlons controlled by the Thirdspace entities capturing the artifact and jettisoning it into hyperspace. Lyta gives Sheridan in the information he needs to destroy the gate. When the device is finally activated, the Thirdspace aliens stream out and begin an assault on Babylon 5; the violent behavior of the individuals under the artifact's control is intended to disrupt the station's attempt to defend itself. Sheridan manages to enter the artifact and detonate a nuclear bomb, destroying the gate and freeing everyone from its control.[68]

Troubles on Minbar[]

"I think of my beautiful city in flames..."


Delenn faced continued resentment from not only humans but from her own people as well. Once they were aware of her intention to marry Sheridan, Delenn's clan sent a representative to the station to insist that she come back so they could evaluate the relationship and whether they could consent to it. Loyal to her clan and her people's beliefs, Delenn agreed to go back to Minbar, well aware that if the judgment went against her that it would be the end of her relationship with John. She asked for one final night with him. Though she did not explain anything other than a need to return home, Delenn did ask John if they could spend the night together, her third night "watching his true face" (the first had been when they went on the mission to Ganymede). John agreed, though he sensed something was amiss.

Delenn returned to Minbar (accompanied as ever by Lennier) where she was called before her clan. They professed concern that she was a threat to Minbari purity by choosing an alien as her mate. They questioned her motivations and demanded she take part in "the Dreaming," an ancient Minbari ritual where part of a person's memories could be shown to them (and observers). The Dreaming showed Delenn the days when she met Dukhat and first became his aide. She also saw his death and the beginning of the Earth-Minbari War. Delenn was confused at first why she was shown this, until she realized the Dreaming "wanted" her to hear the final words Dukhat said to her, which she could not hear clearly at the time because of her grief. Dukhat told her that she was a "child of Valen." Delenn and Lennier are subsequently able to piece together that after defeating the Shadows 1,000 years before, Valen (still partly human) married and had children. Her clan elder admits that Valen's descendants (of which she is one) now "are too numerous to count." This is also the reason by Minbari and human share souls. Delenn plans on exposing this truth, but fearful of the upheaval it would cause, her clan elder asks her to keep it hidden and fabricate a story that will allow her to remain with John (namely, that she is following an ancient tradition where a victorious army took a mate from the defeated one). Delenn agrees and returns to Babylon 5. John is waiting for her at the docking bay.[10]

Shortly after her return, Delenn approaches John (cheering him up from some sulking he is doing) and informs him of another tradition she wishes for them to observe. While at first exasperated at the thought of yet another tradition, John's attitude changes when she explains that this particular one involves them spending a night "discovering each others' sources of pleasure." However, once John discovers that it involves several Minbari (including Lennier) praying in the next room—as well as "standing guard" should anything become too "rough"—John is quite put out. She convinces him to go forward anyway (and he apparently enjoyed himself just the same).[69]

Unfortunately, far deep problems soon came to light threatening the Minbari people. Forell, another member of the Religious Caste, soon came to Babylon 5 to relay news about strange raiders attacking an alien race that was part of the Minbari protectorate. Delenn immediately set out with a small fleet of White Star ships accompanied by Forell and Lennier to investigate. They soon encounter a small fleet of ships identified as Drakh. Forell admits that he is familiar with them. At gunpoint, he forces Delenn to order her fleet to follow the Drakh ships to a rendezvous point with a Drakh task force. He also insists they allow an emissary to come aboard. Delenn is immediately unnerved by the strange, dark alien that comes aboard. Forell explains that he sought the Drakh out and wishes to ally with them against the Warrior Caste, who have become openly hostile towards the Religious Caste in the wake of the Grey Council's disbandment. He relates how the Warrior Caste expelled all the Religious from the city of Sikar after disabling their personal vehicles, forcing them to walk through a frozen waste to the nearest city. Over half of them died on the journey, including Forell's family. He explained that the Drakh only wanted a home of their own and could be trusted to protect them against the Warrior Caste. Delenn feigns agreement to consider this proposal, recognizing that the Drakh could only have been allies of the Shadows. Once Forell lets slip who she is, the Emissary noticeably takes interest. Delenn knows they will attack as soon as the Emissary is clear. Reacting quickly, she orders the fleet to make a running withdrawal. They successful make it into hyperspace, though one of the White Stars is destroyed and a few others are damaged, including her own. Forell is killed in the attack. Rather than retreat, Delenn orders the White Stars to return and surprise attack the Drakh task force. They completely annihilate the Drakh carrier and its escorts.

Back on the station, Delenn explains to Sheridan about the Drakh. She also tells him that she has to return to Minbar and will be gone indefinitely. She tells him this may be for the best, however, as the escalating tension of the Earth Alliance Civil War will force him "to be dangerous," and she feels he can better do that when she is not around.[70]

Delenn boards a Minbari cruiser controlled by the Religious Caste. As it heads towards Minbar, she learns that fighting between the castes has broken out at the capital city: outright war has begun. She contacts Neroon and asks him to come aboard her ship, which he cautiously agrees to do. Her own people are suspicious of this move, fearing that she intends for the Religious Caste to surrender to the Warriors. Neroon still maintains some suspicion regarding her ultimate motives as well. Meeting with him privately, she explains once again that she has no intention to rule as a dictator, but insists the neither caste can be allowed to ascend over the other. She outlines a bold plan that will quickly end the conflict before it can escalate—a plan that will allow both castes to retain honor and give neither the advantage. Neroon agrees to her proposal, remarking at how much they have changed in so short of a time. Soon afterwards, however, he is assaulted by one of his officers who believed he intended for the Warrior Caste to surrender to the Religious. The officer is arrested and Delenn reiterates to her fellows that neither side can be allowed dominance.

Not even an hour later, Delenn learns that Lennier is in the infirmary, critically injured. Neroon's personal surgeons attend him. They are able to stabilize him, though the operation required the removal of part of his lung. Once he regains consciousness, he explains that he detected a gas leak in one of the engines and sealed it himself, leading to his condition. Delenn accepts this explanation, never learning the truth of why he did it. Later that night, Lennier awakens Delenn to alert her that Neroon has taken a personal flyer and left the ship, seemingly betraying the alliance he forged with Delenn.[71]

Delenn weeps as news continues to report the war is heating up. Much of the capital city which she so loves is in ruins. She admits her feeling of guilt to Lennier, who tries to comfort her by explains her breaking the council was simply in step with Valen's prophecies. Delenn points out that Valen was not really prophesying but "remembering" an event. Shortly thereafter, they arrive on Minbar and begin comforting and attending the many injured among the Religious Caste. Severely outmatched by the Warriors, the Religious Caste is facing a crushing defeat. Delenn alerts Shai Alyt Shakiri, the leader of the Warriors, that the Religious Caste wishes to surrender to the Warriors. She sends this word through Neroon, who arranges for Shakiri to meet her and the other leaders in the Temple of Varenni, an ancient site where leaders of the Minbari were chosen in ancient times. The event is broadcast live all across the planet. Delenn agrees to surrender, but surprises Shakiri when she announces that the surrender does not mean the Religious Caste is giving up all their rights to choose a new leadership. She points out that if the old ways are being restored, than the leadership should be chosen as it was before—using the Starfire Wheel. Shakiri attempts to avoid this, but Neroon calls him out, saying he will appear a coward if he does not step into the Wheel with Delenn. Shakiri reluctantly does so with Delenn. As the searing heat of the Wheel intensifies, Shakiri begs Delenn for them to walk out together. Delenn insists that a true leader must be prepared to die for his people. Shakiri leaps from the Wheel to save himself. Contrary to the plan she developed with Neroon, Delenn stays inside it, willing to die for her people. Neroon is unwilling to let that happen, however. He enters the Wheel and removes her from it, taking the full brunt of the Wheel's power himself, which causes his own death. In his last moments, he calls out that his heart belonged to the Religious Caste.

Though severely burned by the Wheel, Delenn insists on carrying out the next steps immediately to prevent any future chaos. She reforms the Grey Council, but this time changes the makeup of it: only two members of the Warrior and Religious Castes will be members, while the other five will be from the Worker Caste, who previously had always been overshadowed the other two (or caught in the middle between their fighting). Delenn does not take a place on the new Council, though she still retains her rank of Entil'Zha. The brief but bitter Minbari Civil War comes to an end and the rebuilding begins again.[72]

Returning to Earth[]

Delenn spent the next few weeks helping to rebuild on Minbar. In the meantime, Sheridan and his allies began to strike back offensively against President Clark's forces. They convinced all the other races to suspend their treaties of mutual aid and defense with the Earth Alliance and began the long march towards Earth, rallying more defecting ships and allies with each step. Unfortunately, Clark's forces capture John's father. Garibaldi contacts John with a promise of helping him rescue his father, and John decides to take the chance. He orders Ivanova (who had been left in charge of Babylon 5) to replace him at the head of his fleet. Delenn arrives back on the station just before Ivanova leaves and agrees to assume de facto control of the station during the interim.[73]

Garibaldi's appeal, however, turned out to be a trap (as he was being controlled by Bester at the time). John was captured and held in a secure facility, though Garibaldi himself (along with Dr. Franklin and Lyta Alexander) were able to rescue him after a few days. Back on the station, Lennier alerts Delenn to a Council meeting convened by Ambassador Mollari—without having invited Delenn or a Minbari representative. Frustrated and anxious about what Mollari may be up to, Delenn marches into the Council chamber. She is shocked to discover that Londo called the meeting to summon all the other worlds to an active role in supporting Sheridan, rather than simply sitting out the conflict. Londo apologizes for keeping Delenn out of the loop. He explains that he did so because he feared Clark's people or other political enemies might have justified the action as being driven by Delenn solely because of her relationship with Sheridan. Delenn is delighted by this showing of support. Afterwards, she leaves at the head of a joint task force.

However, before her forces can join with the rebelling ships, a shuttle is picked up by Marcus Cole, forced to abandon ship with the badly injured Ivanova following the Battle of Sector 300. They are brought aboard a Minbari vessel so Ivanova can be treated, but her diagnosis is grim. A few hours later, the freed Sheridan comes aboard, rushing into the arms of a joyful Delenn. The two then go to Susan's bedside. She accepts her impending death stoically, asking that Sheridan win the civil war from the bridge of the EAS Agamemnon rather than a White Star.[74]

Ivanova is sent back to Babylon 5 and the fleet is assembled to finish the war. After neutralizing most of Clark's remaining forces at the Battle of Mars, the fleet moves on to Earth itself. As they prepare to leave hyperspace, Lennier suddenly joins Delenn on her ship, surprised when she has no knowledge of an alleged request she made summoning him. Lennier realizes that Marcus tricked him into leaving the White Star they were both stationed on. Even as he realizes this, their monitors confirm Marcus has taken his ship back towards Babylon 5, disabling his communications. Lennier explains that Marcus has learned about the Alien Healing Machine and doubtless intends to use it on Ivanova. Delenn contacts Sheridan and lets him know of this development. Unable to break communication silence, Sheridan decides there is nothing that can be done. They press forward with the Liberation of Earth.

Deranged and embittered, President Clark commits suicide before he can be arrested. Just beforehand, however, he commands the orbiting defense platforms surrounding Earth to fire on the planet itself. Sheridan and his allies desperately engage the platforms before they can fire. The Agamemnon, badly damaged, prepares to ram the final platform. For a moment Delenn fears she has witnessed its destruction, but luckily the EAS Apollo joined the fight in time to save the Agamemnon and take out the remaining satellite. The Earth Alliance Civil War finally comes to an end.[75]

A New Alliance for the Third Age[]

Laying the Foundation[]

Delenn decides to head back to Babylon 5, allowing Sheridan to face the inevitable situation he now faces as having led the insurrection. Though he is forced to resign from Earthforce, he and everyone who served under him is granted amnesty. No sooner does Delenn arrive back on the station then she heads back for Earth, taking Londo, G'Kar, and representatives of the League with her. Along the way, she reveals the plans she and Sheridan had been forming all year—the framework for a new alliance of worlds.

On Earth, after Sheridan's press conference, Delenn announces over ISN the formation of the new Interstellar Alliance, with the Rangers serving as its peacekeeping force. The League of Non-Aligned Worlds will be dissolved in favor of this new alliance, which the Centauri and Narn have already agreed to join. Delenn, Londo, and G'Kar meet with Acting EA President Susanna Luchenko to explain more details. Delenn offers Artificial gravity to Earth as an incentive to join. She also explains that the three of them will act as the advisory board, but the Alliance will be lead by a President—none other than John Sheridan, of course.

Afterwards, Delenn arranges for John's father, David Sheridan, to meet them in Geneva. Father and son joyfully reunite. David is thrilled to learn that Delenn will be his new daughter-in-law. After some more formalities are attended to, John and Delenn head back with most of the others aboard a White Star. En route, they are married in a small private ceremony.[76]

When they arrived back on Babylon 5, they found that Stephen Franklin and Michael Garibaldi had prepared a large reception for them, celebrating their marriage and the birth of the Interstellar Alliance. Delenn is a little embarrassed by the gesture, worried it will come off as grandstanding. John points out that what they have achieved is worth celebrating, even if one hundred years from then no one remembers them.[3]

Declaring Principles[]

Delenn and John decide to split their time between her quarters and his on the station, since she feels it appropriate to conduct Minbari business in a Minbari place (and because there is simply no room in either for all of their stuff). Prior to Sheridan's inauguration ceremony, Captain Elizabeth Lochley arrives to take command of Babylon 5. Susan Ivanova has accepted a promotion and moved on, partially out of grief over the death of Marcus (who gave his life to save hers). That same day, Sheridan receives a threat against his life. Despite the protests of Dr. Franklin, Garibaldi, G'Kar, and Londo (and Delenn herself), Sheridan insists on having the inauguration. Captain Lochley supports his decision. The assassin (a Clark loyalist) infiltrates the reception but is revealed to everyone by a young human telepath who encountered him by chance and learned his plans. The assassin eludes capture. Sheridan insists on being sworn in and they all relocate to the Sanctuary where G'Kar begins to administer the Oath of Office he has written. Unfortunately, the assassin steals a Starfury and brings it up right outside the Sanctuary. He allows everyone else to leave, insisting that Sheridan remain. Delenn chooses to stay by her husband's side. G'Kar also refuses to leave, affirming his and Sheridan's friendship. Luckily, Garibaldi has acquired another Starfury and manages to pull the assassin away from the station where he is taken out by the Defense Grid. G'Kar quickly swears in Sheridan.[77]

A few days after the inauguration, Delenn is contacted by Ruell to discuss the replacement of her aide. Delenn is shocked to learn that Lennier has asked to be replaced. She immediately confronts him over the issue. Lennier explains that he feels he can no longer serve her effectively in his current role. He explains he has decided to join the Rangers, filling the void left by the death of Marcus. Delenn suspects the truth: Lennier wishes to leave because he loves her and cannot be around her now that she is married to Sheridan. He tells her he wishes to earn her fuller respect, to which she tries to tell him that he has it completely. Nevertheless, Lennier remains adamant and departs the station soon thereafter.

That same day, Londo Mollari suffers a major heart attack that nearly claims his life, but he recovers. While he is unconscious in Medlab, Delenn checks on him and realizes it is the first time she has ever felt sorry for him.[78] The Interstellar Alliance will be run from Babylon 5 for its first year and Delenn will serve in the role of Vice President of the Alliance as well as continuing her diplomatic duties and being the nominal head of the Rangers. During the Alliance's first year, Delenn copes with numerous crises. Amongst these are the attacks on Alliance shipping lanes, wherein she contacts Lennier and gives him the mission of finding out who is behind the attacks. While the mission succeeds, it leaves Delenn shaken to find out the Centauri are behind it. Subsequently, Delenn and Lennier are almost killed in hyperspace during an accident. During this event, Lennier confesses his love for her and she gently responds that she already knew but feigned not hearing him in order to save him from embarrassment. Later that year, she is delighted to find out she was pregnant. At the end of the year, she and Sheridan leave for Minbar to take up residence at the Alliance's headquarters. During the journey home, Lennier betrays Delenn's trust by leaving Sheridan to die during an accident aboard a White Star.

Shadows From the Past[]

When the couple arrive on Mimbar, they are greeted by Londo Mollari, who wishes to eat with them. They are confused, as Londo blamed them for the suffering of his people, however Londo states that it was all for show. Mollari produces a ceremonial urn as a gift for their child when they turn sixteen, unbeknownst to the couple, the urn contains a Keeper.

In the year 2278, their son, David Sheridan would be given the urn on his sixteenth birthday [earth years] During the night the keeper would break out of the urn at attach itself to David. Their son would run off to Centauri prime under the Drakh control, luring his parents to the planet. Mollari was ordered by the Drakh to have David's parents killed, however, he arranged their escape after drinking enough to gain a few minutes of freedom from the Keeper's influence. David and his parents were placed on a shuttle, which John Sheridan flew back to Minbar. Mollari's retainers gave David a sedative to put him to sleep, which also sedated the Keeper. Mollari and G'Kar sacrificed themselves to ensure the escape was a success.

Upon returning to Minbar, David was examined by Doctor Franklin. Franklin figured out that the only way to remove the Keeper without killing him would be to kill the Drakh that spawned the Keeper.

Vir Cotto - who had just been named Emperor - and Garibaldi returned to Centauri Prime. They found the Drakh Shiv'kala, who had spawned the Keeper. Vir killed the Drakh, which in turn also killed the Keeper. David was finally freed of the Keeper.[79]

Creating the Future[]

In the years that followed, Delenn would continue to be a force in the politics for the Alliance, eventually taking over as ISA President herself in 2279 when Sheridan declined re-election. Wanting instead to use his remaining years to focus on the Rangers, Sheridan in turn took over from Delenn to become the new Entil'Zha for a time.

Delenn watches sunrise

Delenn watches the sunrise on Minbar, thinking of her husband, John Sheridan.

Before Sheridan passed beyond the Rim in 2281, he and Delenn hosted a small private dinner, inviting their surviving friends to come together one last time before the end. The next morning, after a wrenchingly emotional goodbye, Sheridan left Delenn and Minbar for the last time, asserting that it would help Delenn keep the Alliance together if he died quietly out among the stars, "going to the sea" as the Minbari called it. A few days later Sheridan's White Star was found abandoned near Coriana VI, its airlocks sealed but no trace of her husband inside. Shortly thereafter, Delenn attended the decommissioning ceremony of the now redundant Babylon 5 alongside Emperor Vir, Michael Garibaldi, Zack Allan, General Stephen Franklin and General Ivanova, who accepted Delenn's offer to become the new Anla'shok Na and lead the Rangers.[80] Working alongside Delenn, Susan spent the rest of her life serving as Ranger One, never marrying, choosing instead to dedicate her life to her work. She expanded the roster of membership in the Anla'shok to include representatives of every member world and instituting a system of honor and self-sacrifice that was unparalleled for centuries to come. Delenn also supported Ivanova's order that the body of Marcus Cole be kept in cryonic suspension for as long as it took to find a way to restore him to life. When Susan eventually passed on, her remains were interred in Yedor's Memorial Park inside a beautiful tower of crystal and stone that refracted the sunlight into a million brightly colored pieces. Delenn ordered that flowers be placed by her crypt every single day forevermore.[81]

The Myth of Delenn[]

Delenn continued serving as President for many years until finally stepping down and withdrawing entirely from public life. By 2362, some questioned that Delenn was even still alive, claiming that at one hundred and forty she'd be twenty years older than the oldest Minbari on record. The leading theory was that the Alliance and the Rangers were intentionally perpetuating the myth of Delenn as a way of holding the Alliance together. Such theories were shattered on the one hundredth anniversary of the ISA when she suddenly and unexpectedly emerged from seclusion to correct the increasingly cynical perception of John Sheridan by historians and academics, leaving as suddenly and as quietly as she arrived.[3] As with her husband, Delenn's ultimate fate and her final journey remain shrouded in mystery. The last time she was seen or heard from she had embarked on a quest involving Valen.[82]


In the years and centuries after Delenn traveled beyond, her name and the exploits of her and her contemporaries became legendary. Even after almost two hundred years the words of Delenn were still followed on Minbar and almost a thousand years after her passing; in the ruins of Earth following the Great Burn, illuminated manuscripts still tell of the words and deeds of "Ivanova The Strong", "The Blessed Sheridan" and "Delenn the Wise."[3][81]

Behind The Scenes[]

  • Delenn was originally conceived as being a male character played by a female actor, in order to give the character female mannerisms and so on and therefore make him more "alien". He would have become female after his transformation. The Babylon 5 pilot "The Gathering" was filmed with this in mind, but the computer alteration to Mira Furlan's voice to make it sound masculine wasn't convincing, so the idea was dropped and Delenn changed to being a female. The Minbari makeup used from then on gave Delenn a much more feminine appearance.
  • Delenn's family name "Mir" is a reference to Mira Furlan as well as the word for "peace" in various Slavic languages, though perhaps most recognized as the name of the former Russian space station.
  • Mira Furlan hated the original version of the makeup and was not a fan of the second version either, although she was not as annoyed by it as the first one. She continually pushed for Delenn to look more human throughout the run of the series.
  • Although the post-transformation makeup would appear less intensive, it actually took more time to do than the full Minbari makeup. This was because of difficulties interweaving Mira's hair with the Minbari bone headpiece.
  • The original post-transformation headpiece had a tendency to come loose as the day progressed. This can be seen throughout season 2 with the appearance of slight gaps where the headpiece attached to Mira's temples, which were unfortunately highlighted due to shadows created by the studio lighting. This issue was fixed for later seasons.
  • The makeup artists were not happy with the post-transformation headpiece used for the second season. The point where it attached at the temples looked "glued on" rather than like it was growing from her head (and additionally had attachment issues). The piece and the application were redone for the 3rd season, resulting in a much more blended look.
  • Mira was initially not happy to return to her season one makeup for the flashback sequences in Atonement. However, she later said it was not as bad as she remembered, although she still wouldn't want to do it regularly.


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