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A Denn'bok, or fighting pike is a traditional weapon carried by members of the Minbari warrior caste as well as members of the Anla'Shok. Consisting of a retractable metal-alloy staff about five feet long when fully extended, the denn'bok became something of a signature symbol for the Anla'Shok. By tradition, only those deemed worthy by the F'hursna may train with or own a denn'bok.[1] During Ranger training, a wooden analogue is used in lieu of an actual pike in sparring sessions.[2]


Ramde Zarwin teaches Valen in the use of a Barrken.

According to Ramde Zarwin, one of Valen's earliest non-Minbari followers, the denn'bok was styled after a Tak'cha weapon called a Barrken, with Zarwin himself giving Valen his first groundings in its use. However, the Tak'cha's subsequent dishonor and banishment from Valen's alliance led to their being expunged from Minbari historical records. This lasted until February 2261 when first hand records of the Shadow War were discovered on the derelict Babylon 4 station, revealing many forgotten stories of Valen.[3]

Tradition and Uses[]

Every Ranger and member of the Minbari warrior caste are trained in the use of the denn'bok, though only those certified as worthy by the F'hursna are permitted to own their own pike. It is a weapon that can get past scanners and guards, and deliver both lethal and non-lethal force when properly wielded.[1]

"Marcus Cole and Neroon engage in Denn-shah (a battle to the death)

Anla'Shok in training typically are not trained fully in the denn'bok, as it takes years to learn fully.[4]

Since few new pikes are manufactured, most of those in use are very old and have had many owners. The one carried by Marcus Cole had originally been intended for Catherine Sakai, but Entil'Zha Sinclair gave it to Marcus in December 2259 following her disappearance in Sector 14, since Sinclair told Marcus that Catherine would have appreciated him having it. After the "death" of Marcus in November 2261, it fell into the possession of Susan Ivanova. Keeping it for many years, Ivanova proudly displayed it in her office at Earthdome when she was promoted to General. When she resigned her Earthforce commission in 2281, she took it with her to Minbar when she became the new Anla'Shok Na.[5]