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The Derelict Ship was a large vessel of unknown class.[1]


At some point prior to 2267, the ship picked up a probe and brought it on board. Upon studying the probe the only thing the crew found inside was an organic, high-energy source that disappeared after they opened it. Shortly after the crew began to notice a mental change in some of their people. They discovered that the energy that was in the probe contained an alien life force that divides and subdivides each time it moves into a new host, transferring by touch from one person to another. In a matter of days, the alien life force had taken over half of their crew.

Tending to stay in small colonies or groups of "changed" people, the alien presence would take control of one area and then they move on to the next. When the ship's captain realised his ship was being taken over, the first thing he did was to seal off all the decks, thinking that he could contain the spread of the life force. Unfortunately all this would do is buy himself some time until, in the end he realised the only way to stop the alien presence was to destroy his ship and everyone on board. His efforts were only partially successful, a large explosion in the engineering section crippled the ship and caused a massive hull breach that blew all of the ship's air out into the vacuum of space, however the ship was still mostly intact and after a pitched had to hand battle between the "changed" and "unchanged" crew members, the life force transferred itself back along a chain of touching bodies to a single crew member who survived by sealing itself inside a stasis tube.

In 2267 the ship was happened across by the Excalibur. After bringing the sole survivor aboard, it wasn't long before Janey, one of the ship's med-techs became "changed" and the life force again began to spread. However, thanks to Max Eilerson being able to translate the logs of the deceased alien captain, Captain Gideon was able to halt the spread much quicker than last time and ultimately destroy the life force, though at the cost of the lives of crew members Stewart Greenberg and David Arkham.

The ship was later taken by Earthforce to search it for anything than can help to cure the Drakh Plague.

Behind the Scenes[]

Ship was designed by Luc Mayrand.[2]