Des was a swug owned by Farmer Jae on the planet Soom.[1]

Jae cared for him with fanatical devotion, feeding him the finest sea spree four times a day, bathing his flabby bulk in sea water, and rubbing kwa blossoms into his bumpy skin to bring out its sought-after mottled coloration. As the villagers said, Farmer Jae cared for Des as if he had moss growing out of his head.

A dispute arose between Jae and Farmer Nee, in which Jae believed that Farmer Nee's Jab had stung Des, which would cause tiny eggs and larvae to grow beneath its skin. Elric and Galen helped investigate, discovering that the Jab had not stung Des. Jae would feed Des sea spree gathered from the caves, but it was actually poison from the city that was sold to Jae by a stranger. Elric instructed him to feed him only the chal root for three days. He also ordered him to drink three mugs of Farmer Nee's beer.


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