The Babylon Project

Babylon 5 was destroyed in multiple alternate timelines.

Original Destruction in 2262[]


Sinclair's flash forward.

When Sinclair and Garibaldi entered Babylon 4 in 2258, Sinclair had a "time flash" to the future that found himself in the middle of a firefight on Babylon 5, not sure what was going on. He was next to Garibaldi, who was aware of the situation. Garibaldi was dressed in riot gear and wielding a machine gun. He told Sinclair that he had rigged the fusion reactors to explode and yelled for Sinclair to leave without him.[1]

Alternate Destruction in 2260[]

In 2260, Babylon 5 received a distress call from Ivanova from Sector 14. The Future Ivanova reported that the captain was dead, the Defense Grid was down, and that Garibaldi had rigged the fusion reactor. Several Shadow Vessels and hundreds of Shadow Fighters appeared on the screen before she screamed and the signal cut off, implying the station's destruction.[2]

Alternate Destruction in 2260[]

In this timeline, Ivanova, Garibaldi and Sinclair all perished in the attack. The destruction of Babylon 5 took out the attacking Shadow fleet.[3]