The Dilgar were an aggressive feline-like humanoid species. They attempted to expand their territory by invading those sectors of space held by the League of Non-Aligned Worlds between 2230 and 2232.

As the Dilgar War broke out, the Earth Alliance fought on the side of the League and battled the Dilgar, forcing them back to their homeworld. After the war ended, the Dilgar sun went supernova, effectively wiping out the entire species. Only Jha'dur survived, having fled the Non-Aligned sectors and sought shelter with the Wind Swords clan of the Minbari Warrior Caste.

From the incredulity that her reappearance was met with, it can be reasoned that 30 years was deemed to be a significant portion of the typical lifespan of a Dilgar.

In 2258, she was killed when a Vorlon ship attacked the shuttle she was on, rendering the Dilgar extinct.[1]

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