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Dining on Babylon 5, The Ultimate Guide To Space Station Cuisine (Human Edition) is a mock cookbook based within the B5 universe and authored by "Emerson Briggs-Wallace", owner and proprietor of The Fresh Air Restaurant.

The book itself contains 43 recipes for popular dishes and beverages provided by co-contributors Londo Mollari, Michael Garibaldi, Lennier, G'Kar and Susan Ivanova.



Babylon 5 is home to over 250,000 inhabitants, including dozens of alien races, each with their own very different tastes. The station has to provide suitable sustenance for everyone — from the finely tuned palates of the Centauri to the carrion-eating Pak’ma’ra.

That’s why Captain Sheridan has asked me, proprietor of Babylon 5’s finest restaurant, Fresh Air, to write this gastronomic tour of Babylon 5. With the help of my good friends Michael Garibaldi, Londo Mollari, Lennier, G’Kar and Susan Ivanova, I have pulled together 43 of the finest recipes from around the galaxy so that you can create a taste of intergalactic [sic] cuisine in your own kitchen.

This book is a guide to the food you’ll find on Babylon 5, who eats what, and how it is produced, cooked and consumed. It tells you everything you’ll need to know about what dishes to seek out and where to find them, what dishes to avoid, what to serve alien guests and what they might be feeding you.

–Emerson Briggs-Wallace


  • Introduction
Chapter 1
Londo Mollari's Recipes from the Glorious Centauri Republic
Chapter 2
Michael Garibaldi, What are you, Nuts?
Chapter 3
Lennier, Recipes from the Third Fane of Chudomo
Chapter 4
G'Kar, Recipes from a Defiant World
Chapter 5
Susan Ivanova, Into the Mix


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Bo reading a copy of 'Dining on Babylon 5'.

  • Unique among Babylon 5 books, 'Dining on Babylon 5' is an actual "in-universe" publication found on the station as can be quite clearly seen being read by Bo in "A View from the Gallery". The prop itself appears to be an early mock-up of the actual real world publication.