Drakh carrier is a spaceship of unknown class used by the Drakh. The vessel was enormous, much larger than a regular cruiser and capable of carrying large complement of fighter-like craft and shuttlecraft. It appears to be unequipped with its own jump engine; a surprise for a carrier type vessel.

In 2261, the White Star fleet accompanied Delenn on a mercy mission to Norsai territory which had been under attack by unknown raiders. When the fleet emerged from hyperspace they found a group of unknown type. The unknown vessels escorted the White Stars back to their carrier where a Drakh emissary came aboard Delenn's vessel to create an alliance between them.

The proposed alliance would assist the Minbari Religious-caste against the Minbari Warrior-caste in their growing tensions in exchange for permission to establish a colony within Minbari territory. During the talk, it was discovered that the race, called Drakh, were allies of the Shadows and needed the alliance since they had just evacuated Z'ha'dum and lost their home. After identifying who Delenn was as well, the Emissary returned to the carrier and the Drakh fleet prepared to attack the leader of the faction that caused their exodus.

Before the White Stars could jump into hyperspace they came under attack and a couple ships were damaged, one destroyed. In hyperspace the fleet regrouped then returned to regular space to engage the Drakh. Before the carrier could launch additional fighters the White Star fleet strafed the ventral external docking stations and took out the support ships. The carrier attempted to make its way to the local jumpgate but the lead White Star was able to outrun the starship, position itself, and give the final blow to destroy the carrier.[1]

Additional characteristics[edit | edit source]

(The following is based on: Babylon 5 the Roleplaying Game and Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (Game))

The Drakh Ma'cu Carrier (Ma'cu = "Lesser Home") is the second largest class of ship within the Drakh clanfleets.

Carriers are usually the largest Drakh vessel encountered, which are used When it's too risky to deploy a mothership. It carries 4 raiders or scouts within its hangers, and many others are usually attached. Drakh carriers unlike those of other races are battleships designed to carry smaller craft, not specialized vessels carrying auxiliary craft. Therefore the carrier has impressive firepower, and is able to go toe-to-toe with other warships of comparable size.

The bulk of the Drakh Clanfleets are made up of carriers, as their hangers are easily converted into storage tanks, cargo holds, hydroponic bays, or living quarters. The ship is built around a central spine, with its gravitic and jump drives on one end and the command and control at the other end. Most of the ship's interior is empty making them relatively fragile for their size. Drakh carriers rely on their formidable gravitic screens and their flotilla of raiders.

Technical specifications
Crew Officers 200
Enlisted 52,000+
Hangar Bay Yes
Craft variable
10 to 40 fighters (10 heavy raiders or 40 light raiders), 40 shuttles
Armaments (2267 - Current)
heavy neutron cannon, 4 twin-linked pulse cannons

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