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The Drakh cruiser was a vessel of unknown class used by the Drakh.

The overall design of the vessel is essentially identical to the Drakh carrier, though on a much smaller scale. As with the carriers, the cruisers are typically accompanied by a number of Drakh fighters.


DC WZ 01

Drakh cruiser crashing into the atmosphere of Ceti IV in 2267.

In early 2267, in the immediate aftermath of the Drakh attack on Earth, one of the fleeing cruisers was tracked and shot down by the Earthforce destroyer EAS Persephone over Ceti IV. Though the Persephone itself was destroyed in the engagement, the cruiser was severely damaged and forced to crash land on the planet below. The remnants of the ship were taken by Earthforce for study in search for a cure from the Drakh Plague.

Three more Drakh cruisers than came to help the first's crew were destroyed in Ceti IV's orbit by the Excalibur.[2]

Additional characteristics[]

Canonbox default The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

The Drakh Dra'Vash Battle Cruiser (Dra'Vash = "Instrument of the Divine Will") are the primary capital ships of the Drakh fleet. It's the largest Drakh vessel which is a dedicated warship, unlike the motherships and carriers.

The ship's heavy neutron lasers are the equal of the beam weapons of other races. Equipped with a reinforced gravitic energy grid, the ship is nearly invulnerable to all but the heaviest weapons. They are also outfitted with laboratories, sophisticated sensor arrays, and other equipment, including seed banks of organic machines that can terraform a planet within months and holographic projectors that can beam an image over an entire continent. The most elite of a Drakh clan are assigned to the cruisers, Drakh who are the most dedicated and fanatical within the clan.

Technical specifications
Dimensions Length 3.3 km
Crew Officers 20
Enlisted 840
Hangar Bay Yes
Craft 4 shuttles
Defenses (2267 - Current)
gravitic energy grid
Armaments (2267 - Current)
2 heavy neutron cannons, 4 twin-linked pulse cannons