The Drakh emissary was an envoy of the Drakh Entire who was part of the fleet that attacked the Norsai and the pak'ma'ra along the border of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. He spoke for the Drakh to alien races, and met with Ambassador Delenn through an intermediary, Forell. After discovering who Delenn was, his shuttle departed and the fighters prepared to fire on the White Stars that accompanied her. Delenn simultaneously realized that these Drakh were the "dark servants" of the Shadows they had been warned of and ordered the ships to prepare to leave. The Drakh opened fire, destroying White Star 16, before the ships escaped into hyperspace. Rather than retreat, Delenn pulled a surprise attack on the Drakh by jumping back out of hyperspace, quickly destroying the mothership and all aboard, avenging all the League worlds and ships they had attacked.[1]


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