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A Drakh mothership was a massive spaceship of unknown class used by the Drakh.

It's large enough to be able to carry several cruisers in its docking bays. One such vessel was present at the Drakh attack on Earth in 2266 and took heavy damage from ISA forces.[2] Another vessel was destroyed by the Excalibur in 2267.[3]

Additional characteristics[]

Canonbox default The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

Drakh Amu Motherships (Amu = "Home"), are clanships which are the heart of Drakh industry and society. Functioning as their home, family, homeland, and biosphere.

Vessels which are capable of functioning as either an advanced carrier, a frontline battleship, or a forward base of operations. The ship can withstand massive amounts of damage, and is equipped with the most sophisticated gravitic energy grid array in the Drakh fleet. Shields which make them nigh-invulnerable, with only the most powerful weapons are able to inflict any significant damage on the ship. Despite being such powerful vessels, due to their importance, the Drakh will not risk their destruction. They prefer to deploy a Drakh carrier, rather than a clanship into battle. If needed they will send a clanship into battle but if it receives too much damage, they will withdraw the ship to prevent its destruction and undergo repairs.

Clanships are built around a central spine, and occuping the spaces between the hull and spine are multipurpose bays and living quarters. Bulk supplies like unprocessed metals and water are kept near the hull. Close to the spind and its embedded reactors are the industrial zones which occupy the upper sections of the clanship. Hydroponics bays and reclamation pits occupy the bottom levels. Between the industrial zones and jungles are the clan warrens, it's where the millions of Drakh work and live.

The clanships themselves are the center of the Drakh clanfleets. Each consisting of one or more clanships, one or more Templeships, and dozens to hundreds of smaller vessels. Due to the massive jump engines in a clanship, it creates a vortice large enough to permit hundreds of ships in a fleet to travel as one. The largest clanfleet in recorded history consisted of eight clanships, a dozen Templeships, and over 3,000 smaller ships.

Technical specifications
Dimensions Length 60 km
Crew Officers 50
Enlisted thousands
Passengers millions
average: 4 million
Hangar Bay Yes
Craft variable
average: 4 cruisers, 120 light raiders, numerous shuttles
Defenses (2267 - Current)
gravitic energy grid
Armaments (2267 - Current)
4 medium neutron cannons, 4 twin-linked pulse cannons

Behind the Scenes[]

The ship was designed by Luc Mayrand.[4]