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The Dreaming was an ancient Minbari ritual.

Before entering the Dreaming the subject would drink a mysterious and extremely cold liquid from a chalice and share it with the one who will go with them. From there, they would enter the dreaming; a small enclosed room, filled with cold mist. As the liquid takes effect they meditate and begin to share their memories with the guide.[1]



When Delenn was only an acolyte she served as protector and guide for Dukhat. In 2261 she entered the dreaming again, this time at the urging of her clan and with her aide Lennier as her protector and guide. The Tenth Fane of Elleya imposed this as a condition before they would allow her to marry John Sheridan and to discover the true reason why she wished to marry him. While there the Dreaming revealed that she was a "child of Valen".[1]


  • Though the mechanism behind the ritual is never mentioned, the sharing of the drink implies the use of a dust-like induced telepathic state, though far less invasive and tempered by meditation and Minbari discipline.