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Drigo was a Centauri noble and one of the administrators of the Centauri Occupation of Narn in 2260.


Drigo, a Centauri Noble and presumably member of the Centauri Royal Court, was sent to Narn following the Narn-Centauri War. Drigo's full duties are not clear, but it is known he was tasked by Minister Virini with creating a facsimile of the Centauri Royal Palace as a surprise for Emperor Cartagia.

Late in 2260, Lord Antono Refa came to Narn with a plan to capture G'Kar, the last free member of the Kha'Ri, whom Refa knew was on the planet. Refa believed G'Kar had come to rescue his former assistant, Na'Toth, and approached Drigo to provide him with a handful of guards to seize G'Kar. Refa promised to compensate Drigo well once his House got the glory of capturing G'Kar and was able to use it to oust his rival, Londo Mollari. However, Refa had been set up, and the guards assigned to him were loyal to Mollari, resulting in Refa's death when the guards abandoned him to G'Kar and members of the Narn Resistance. [1]


  • It is unknown if Drigo himself was allied with Londo Mollari and part of the plot to eliminate Refa all along, or if he did not realize the guards he supplied were working for Mollari.


  • According to non-canon Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game, Drigo was loyal to House of Refa and has no apparent symphaty for Londo Mollari.