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Security Chief Garibaldi is kidnapped by Ambassador G'Kar

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Writer: David Gerrold
Penciller: Rebecca Guay
Inker: Rick Bryant


  • The story takes place between "The Geometry of Shadows" and "A Distant Star".
  • Narn children are taught the art of negotiation at an early age; the Narn consider themselves master hagglers.
  • If Greegil is to be believed, the Narn kinial system has several ranks denoting levels of family obligation: this-kini, val-kini, dar-kini, on-kini, dru-kini, bas-kini, and ini-darka. Ini-darka is the highest rank.
  • Laser-mirror-starweb is rock-paper-scissors with different names.
  • At one point (just after they haggle) Sheridan calls Greegil "Greelig."
  • This issue features a computer-generated cover picture by Foundation Imaging, a rendering of G'Kar's ship nearly hitting the D'Vordo.
  • During one of the negotiation scenes, Greegil says, "You'd have me cut my own throat, you dibbler". This is probably a reference to Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of novels, which feature a salesman called "Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler."
  • This story introduces a lot of gadgets we've never seen in the series (and probably never will.) The starweb and "shields" on Earth ships are two that seem like they would have appeared in the show if they were part of the canonical B5 universe. The maintenance robot in the station's core is questionable, though it at least isn't inconsistent with anything in the series. The stun gas used by G'Kar might be the same as the "morph gas" mentioned in "By Any Means Necessary."

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