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"You remember him, don't you? Always coughing. Most distressing, but we finally cured it."

Emperor Cartagia

Dugarri was a highly influential Centauri Minister during the rule of Emperor Cartagia.

Cartagia had him executed – possibly for questioning him, but also because he had a very distracting cough – at which point his head sat in a chamber which Cartagia dubbed his "Shadow Cabinet."[2]


  • The sole on-screen appearance of Minister Dugarri was as a disembodied head sitting on the desk in Cartagia's Shadow Cabinet. The head is actually a bust made from a mold of Andreas Katsulas' head, one of many the makeup department used to craft the silicone masks he wore to portray G'Kar. It was painted and given a hair crest to look like a Centauri.