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"In my experience, if you can't say what you mean, you can never mean what you say. The details are everything."

Durano, 2261

Durano was the Centauri Minister of Intelligence during and immediately following the rule of Emperor Cartagia.

During a period when Cartagia was beheading many of his ministers, Durano was able to survive and hold onto his position. Cartagia appointed him to examine events surrounding the unexpected death of Londo Mollari's love, Adira Tyree, suspecting a connection with Lord Refa's own demise. An inspection showed that Tyree had not been murdered on Refa's order, as Mollari had originally presumed, but at the instigation of Mr. Morden. Presumably because Morden had become Cartagia's liaison to the Shadows, Cartagia ordered Durano to keep his findings quiet, but after Cartagia's death, the minister was free to share his information with Mollari, who was devastated.[1]