This alien species was native to Zander Prime.[1] Dureena Nafeel was a member of this race.


Little is known about this race, though they are known to be natural cave dwellers, with a propensity for small, low furniture and loose hessian-like cloth draperies. Their spiritual beliefs seem to centre around the mystical, with a deep respect for their elders and the words of their ancestors, much like some of the "pagan" religions of ancient Earth.[2] Central to this belief is a profound reverence for "the stones", a method of divination done by casting specially marked stones, whose outcome is interpreted to show what is in store for their people. For the stones to all come up blank is considered to be the worst possible sign, signalling oblivion. In a tradition similar to the Minbari tradition of "going to the sea", when an elder reaches the end of their life they leave the village alone for a lone vigil called the "Journey into Night". They sit and await the guide who comes to take the dying; their life turns from twilight into night and they "see the stars".[3]


The natives of Zander Prime first encountered alien races just before 1259, during which time some of their people were taken away to be used as labour to establish a colony on Theta 49. Following the destruction of their howeworld by the Shadows during Second Shadow War, the species was thought to be effectively extinct, with the only known survivor being Dureena Nafeel.

In 2267, a small colony was discovered on Theta 49 in the Orion System, who claimed to have been descendants of a group stranded there during the First Shadow War. According to them, their ancestors were taken from Zander Prime as slaves aboard the starship Qual'Thaa. However, the biosphere of Theta 49 had been infected by the Drakh plague, causing Earthforce to quarantine the planet, though only Dureena and a few of the Excalibur's crew were aware of the colony's existence.[3] The races few remaining members are scattered and without unity beyond whatever family groups may be with them. Only small colonies can be found as refugees on places like Ceti Gamma II.


  • The term "Dureena's race" is used here only as a descriptor as no official name for this race was ever mentioned.
  • The info on Dureena's race was released in small parts in Babylon 5: Crusade published by Mongoose publishings.

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