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"Any Sech would rather resign from his position and give up the ancient art forever than teach its ways to the unworthy."

Sech Durhan, 2259.

Sech Durhan, a Minbari Ranger, of the Warrior Caste and master of the Denn'bok.


In addition to being a warrior and master of great renown, Durhan was also a highly respected Sech who taught the pike to Neroon of the Star Riders.[1] In his role as the F'hursna Sech, Durhan controlled ownership of all true Minbari fighting pikes.[2]

In 2259, when the Earth Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair became the new Anla'shok Na Sech Durhan initially refused to sanction human ownership of a Denn'bok. The matter was quickly resolved when Durhan tested Sinclair in Denn'bok combat, and Durhan agreed to oversee the teaching of new human Anla'Shok trainees. He did however stipulate that only the very best trainees, those that he deemed worthy would receive his personal instruction and be allowed to own a Denn'bok. Sinclair, as Ranger One was the first to receive Durhan's instruction and later, Marcus Cole and Catherine Sakai were also deemed worthy of the honour.[2]

In 2262, Durhan still serving alongside Sech Turval, training a new generation of Rangers after membership had been opened to all Alliance worlds. Among the first new group of trainees were Drazi, Yolu, Abbai and even a pak'ma'ra. Durhan travelled to Babylon 5 along with Turval to brief Entil'Zha Delenn on their progress and brought with them Rangers Tannier and Rastenn. During a meeting with Delenn, he expressed that the pak'ma'ra were a bit of a problem for them, but Delenn pointed out they can have uses as couriers if not for fighting. Durhan agreed.

After Tannier was attacked and nearly killed by a group of thugs in Down Below, Durhan invoked Mora'dum. Afterwards, Delenn commented at how well Tannier handled the pike, almost as if he'd been instructed by a master before going into battle. Durhan agreed.[3]