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Durla was a Centauri who was chosen by the Drakh to unknowingly serve their purposes.[2]


Early Life[]

Durla was one of two sons of a military man, born one year after his brother Solla. When Durla was three, Solla told him the story of Rokbala, the evil soul stealing monster that hides under the beds of naughty children. The story kept the young boy awake at night for quite some time.[3] As the boys grew up it became clear to Durla that his brother was their father's favorite. A naturally gifted individual, Solla was a superb soldier, an accomplished scholar, and the best swordsman, it was clear to all that Solla was destined for greatness. When Durla was twenty, his jealousy turned to murder when the two brothers caught sight of a young noble girl called Mariel. Durla was instantly besotted but Mariel only had eyes for Solla and he for her.[1]

Fortunately for Durla, Riva, another young man in their squad, had also fallen for Mariel and viciously fought with Solla for her attentions. After losing a fight with Solla, Riva publicly swore vengeance against his rival suitor, giving Durla the perfect opportunity to rid himself of his brother and win the hearts of Mariel. Durla slipped some poison into his brother's food while at the same time, to avoid suspicion, dosed himself with just enough to exhibit genuine symptoms but not enough to prove fatal. Once Solla was dead the suspicion quickly fell on Riva and when the other members of their squad moved to arrest him, he very stupidly made the terminal error of resisting arrest. With both of Mariel's suitors dead, Durla confessed his love to her only to be cruelly dismissed by the young woman. Mariel had only been interested in Solla and Riva because they had potential and were destined for greater things had no interest in Solla's lesser brother, the "pathetic" Durla.

Shortly thereafter, Mariel had become linked with House Mollari and her father arranged for her to wed the much older nobleman, Londo Mollari. Durla, against his better judgement attended the bonding ceremony, during which he quickly grew to detest Mollari.[4]

Rise to Power[]

In 2261, Regent Milo Virini personally appointed Durla as Captain of the Imperial Guard, a position he retained until shortly after the coronation of Emperor Londo Mollari who (at the instruction of Shiv'kala) promoted Durla to serve as the Minister of Internal Security for the Centauri Republic. While in that position he instituted the Prime Candidates program and appointed Chancellor of Development Castig Lione to oversee them.[2] He eventually became Prime Minister.[5]