The Babylon Project

The EAS Agrippa was an Omega-class destroyer operated by Earthforce during the start of the Earth Alliance Civil War. Agrippa led the battlegroup attempting to seize control of Babylon 5, ultimately being destroyed during the Battle for B5 Independence in 2260.

Service History[]

The EAS Agrippa was constructed and launched into service by the Earth year 2260 when it had been placed under the command of Captain Dexter Smith.


The EAS Agrippa, in its final moments

The Agrippa led a battlegroup to the Epsilon System with orders to seize control of Babylon 5 and arrest John Sheridan and the command staff. In the battle that followed, Agrippa exchanged fire with the EAS Alexander. Towards the end of the fighting, the Alexander and Babylon 5 fired every weapon they had at the Agrippa knocking the ship out of control. Moments later, a series of explosions gutted the Agrippa and all hands on board were lost.[2][3][4]


  • Although the visuals show the EAS Churchill destroying the EAS Roanoke, Sheridan incorrectly hails the latter vessel and offers to take on survivors. He was actually referring to the Agrippa, which had already been clearly seen in several shots (such as when Ivanova is ejecting from her Starfury) after the destruction of the Roanoke. It is true that in "Intersections in Real Time", Captain Sheridan is specifically charged with the destruction of the Roanoke and not the Agrippa, but given the nature of that episode, few such accusations can be taken at face value.