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The Babylon Project

The EAS Alexander was an Earth Alliance Omega class destroyer which was under the command of General William Hague at the start of the Earth Alliance Civil War.


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When President Morgan Clark ordered martial law across the Earth Alliance, Hague attempted a coup. When that failed, forces loyal to Hague joined up with him and headed to the Jumpgate at Io. Vessels loyal to Clark opened fire on Hague's ships, but the Alexander and the other ships were able to jump out of the Sol system. The other ships were soon destroyed by Clark's forces.[3]

Hague was killed returning from a meeting with authorities on Orion VII when the Alexander came under attack by the EAS Clarkstown. Major Ed Ryan took command, reluctantly destroying the Clarkstown in order to get away. The ship proceeded immediately to Babylon 5, a place where Hague believed they would be safe. Once at Babylon 5, he asked for sanctuary, which John Sheridan provided.

The EAS Churchill arrived at the station as well. The captain of that vessel, Sandra Hiroshi, informed both Sheridan and Ryan that Clark had ordered the bombing of Mars for refusal to implement martial law. She warned them that Clark was sending ships to seize Babylon 5 and the Alexander. Major Ryan offered to take the ship and draw their fire, but Sheridan convinced him to stand with them as one.

Forces loyal to Clark arrived at the station and a battle soon ensued. The Alexander was heavily damaged, but the Churchill and the Clark-loyal vessels were destroyed. After the battle, Major Ryan decided to leave Babylon 5 space to draw away at least some of Clark's forces and to search for other rogue ships that had defected to their side.[2]

After the liberation of Proxima III in 2261, the Alexander returned to Earth Alliance space and was one of rebel destroyers that volunteered to remain to protect the population from counterattacks.[4]


  • The Alexander's hull marking changes between its first appearance in Severed Dreams to its last. When it is seen fighting in Severed, the marking is clearly seen as 'J'. Yet this changes to 'A' in later episodes.