The EAS Apollo was an Omega class destroyer.


In 2261, the Apollo was under the command of Captain Charles Mitchell. During the Earth Alliance Civil War, the Apollo served with President Morgan Clark's forces. The Apollo was chosen as the flagship at Mars by General Robert Lefcourt. Prior to Mars, Captain Mitchell led the Apollo in over half a dozen major engagements.

Symbol of the EAS Apollo

Symbol of the EAS Apollo

The Apollo was the flagship of a fleet of 35 destroyers assigned to stop John Sheridan's forces at Mars. She was disabled, along with 24 other destroyers, by Shadow-altered telepaths planted aboard by the Martian resistance.

Apollo's crew was able to regain control and arrive at Earth after President Clark had turned the planetary defense platforms toward the planet. Captain Sheridan was preparing to sacrifice his life and EAS Agamemnon to destroy the last platform before it could open fire on the eastern seaboard of North America. General Lefcourt, having monitored the battle while en route from Mars, exited the jump point firing, destroying the platform and saving the crew of the Agamemnon. [3][4]