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The EAS Churchill was an Earthforce Omega class destroyer under the command of Captain Sandra Hiroshi.

The Churchill was one of the first of a series of ships to be outfitted with new Thunderbolt Starfuries.[3]

The Churchill was one of the ships that defected with General William Hague to stand against President Morgan Clark in the very early days of the Earth Alliance Civil War. The Churchill was at Orion VII when news came in of Clark ordering the bombing of civilian targets on Mars for their refusal to implement his martial law decree. Shortly afterwards, the Churchill jumped out to join the EAS Alexander at Babylon 5. On her arrival, Hiroshi informed Sheridan of the Mars bombings and that Orion VII had declared independence from the Earth Alliance in protest. She also informed the command staff that while en route they intercepted attack orders relayed to the EAS Agrippa and the EAS Roanoke to take Babylon 5 by force to prevent it seceding from the Earth Alliance, to arrest the command staff and put the station under martial law.

The Churchill stayed alongside the Alexander to help defend Babylon 5 from the coming attack. The Churchill was heavily damaged in the fighting, causing fires to spread across all decks. In desperation, Captain Hiroshi rammed the ship into the Roanoke, destroying both vessels completely.[4]

After the battle the surviving Starfuries and Thunderbolts of the Churchill were divvied up between Babylon 5 and the Alexander.[3]


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