EAS Clarkstown
Owner: Earth Alliance
Operator: Earthforce
Class: Hyperion-class heavy cruiser
Status: Destroyed (2260)

The EAS Clarkstown was an Earthforce Hyperion-class heavy cruiser.


The captain of the Clarkstown, despite being close friends with General William Hague of the EAS Alexander since their days in the Earthforce Academy, remained loyal to President Morgan Clark during the early days of the Earth Alliance Civil War in 2260. Sometime after the escape of the Alexander from loyalist forces at the transfer point off Io, the Clarkstown ambushed the renegade ship as they were returning from a meeting with officials on Orion VII. In the ensuing firefight, Clarkstown hit the Alexander amidships, killing General Hague while he was on his way to the command deck, leaving Major Ed Ryan as senior officer.

The Alexander launched a fighter screen and attempted to flee while avoiding making a direct hit on the pursuing Clarkstown. However, as the engagement wore on, it became clear that they could not hope to outrun them in normal space. Unwilling to jump immediately and abandon their fighters yet unable to bring them in safely, the Alexander took advantage of the Clarkstown's inoperable forward interceptors and opened fire with its aft batteries. The shot scored a direct hit, punching through the Clarkstown's hull and completely destroying it.[1]


  • The captain of the Clarkstown, who had attended Earthforce Academy with General Hague, had been introduced to Major Ryan by Hague in the summer of 2259. He had a wife back home on Earth, three small children, and an Abyssinian cat named Max.[1]


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