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The EAS Furies was an Earthforce Omega-class destroyer under the command of Captain Stephanie Eckland.


Proxima III[]

In 2261 the Furies was assigned to the illegal blockade of Proxima III ordered by President Morgan Clark. Later in the year, the John Sheridan and the White Star fleet engaged the force and the Battle of Proxima III started. The Furies was ordered by Fleet Command (Captain Trevor Hall of the EAS Heracles) to turn and engage the third wave of White Stars, which had jumped into the system to the rear of the blockade fleet.

Even after the third wave of White Stars entered the system and the Heracles and EAS Pollux firing on Sheridan's forces, Eckland only advanced without engaging. To determine her status, Sheridan approached the Furies, informing her that if she did not make any attempt to fire or target his vessel, he would treat them as non-hostiles. She didn't answer, and was declared a non-combatant.

Following the battle, the Furies remained in the system to defend it from any future attacks by Clark's forces.[3] Later, the Furies joined Sheridan's fleet.[4] The Furies was retaken by Clark's forces and the vessel once again fought against Sheridan's side.[5]


At an undetermined point in time prior to 2267, there was a mutiny on board the ship led by a Sacred Omega group within the crew. Captain Mankowsky was killed during this mutiny.[6]


The name of the ship caused confusion in the german dub of the series. "Furies" was misunderstood as the plural of the Earth Alliance fighters, the Starfuries, therefore it came to the impression that Captain Eckland has somewhat like the command over all Starfuries.