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#REDIRECT [[Omega class destroyer#Known Vessels]]
[[Category:Ships|Heraclion, EAS]]
|name=EAS Heraclion
|status=Active <small>(as of 2261)</small>
|class=[[Omega class destroyer]]
|engines=4 Beigie-Bryant 9000A<br>Particle Thrust Engines <ref name=tog2b5>[[The Official Guide to Babylon 5 (CD ROM)]]</ref>
|gravity=Rotational sections only
|weapons='''Primary'''<br />4 52mm Plasma Pulse Cannons<ref name="tog2b5"/><br />4 Laser batteries <small>(2 fore, 2 aft)</small><ref name=sevdrms>[[Severed Dreams]]</ref><br />'''Secondary'''<br />8 40mm Pulse Cannons<ref name="tog2b5"/>
|defenses=Interceptors<ref name=sevdrms>[[Severed Dreams]]</ref>
|auxcraft=2 full squadrons of Fighters <br>([[Starfury]]s or [[Thunderbolt]]s)<ref name="tog2b5"/>
The '''EAS ''Heraclion''''' was an [[Omega class destroyer]].
In November [[2261]], the ''Heraclion'' was a part of the coalition led by [[John Sheridan]] that [[Liberation of Earth|liberated Earth]] from the forces loyal to [[President of the Earth Alliance|President]] [[Morgan Clark]].<ref>[[Endgame]]</ref>
<br clear="all"/>
[[Category:Earthforce ships|Heraclion, EAS]]
[[Category:Earthforce ships|Heraclion, EAS]]
[[Category:Omega class destroyers|Heraclion, EAS]]
[[Category:Omega class destroyers|Heraclion, EAS]]
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