Nemesis at Mars

Nemesis at Mars

The EAS Nemesis was an Earthforce Omega-class destroyer under the command of Captain Yoshi Kawagawa.


In 2261, the Nemesis was assigned to the illegal blockade of Proxima III ordered by President Morgan Clark. Like the EAS Vesta, the Nemesis went to great lengths to avoid attacking civilian targets.

John Sheridan's White Star fleet then engaged the ships, starting the Battle of Proxima III. At the start of the battle, the Nemesis, along with the EAS Pollux, were ordered by Captain Trevor Hall of the EAS Heracles to investigate the first wave of White Stars, which had jumped into the system on the opposite side of the Proxima III from the blockade fleet. When the second wave of White Stars jumped in, both vessels requested permission to turn and engage, but were denied that option by Fleet Command.

Even after the third wave of White Stars entered the system and the Heracles and Pollux firing on Sheridan's forces, the Nemesis only advanced, did not engage. At some point during the battle, the Nemesis did engage Sheridan's forces. She took severe damage, and surrendered.

Following the battle, Captain Kawagawa and the Nemesis signed on with Sheridan's forces in their campaign to liberate Earth.[3]

The Nemesis was either captured or went back to Clark's forces. The Nemesis was a part of the fleet at Mars that wasn't affected by the telepaths. The Nemesis was disabled by the White Star vessels.[4][5]


  • The Nemesis is never seen or said to fire on Sheridan's forces, but as the White Star fleet only fired on EA ships that had fired first, it must have in order to have been damaged and require surrendering.
  • The Nemesis is seen as part of General Robert Lefcourt's fleet at Mars in "Endgame", it was clearly one of those that did not lose control and was instead disabled by the White Stars. This may be a simple oversight by the visual effect department; on the other hand, as one loyalist officer warned Commander Ivanova, not everyone who defects really defects.


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