EAS Pollux
Owner: Earth Alliance
Operator: Earthforce
Class: Omega-class destroyer
Hull Marking(s): "P"
Status: Destroyed (2261)

The EAS Pollux was an Earthforce Omega-class destroyer under the command of Captain Elizabeth Morgernstern.

In 2261, she participated in the illegal Blockade of Proxima III ordered by President Morgan Clark. As part of this blockade, she took part in attacks on civilian targets, including the destruction of five Asimov class commercial liners. These liners had been carrying sick and wounded refugees from areas that had been hit by Clark's forces, including women and children. This one attack killed 10,000 civilians, and convinced Captain John Sheridan to begin his campaign to liberate the Earth Alliance, and arrest President Clark.[1]

At the start of the Battle of Proxima III, the Pollux, along with the EAS Nemesis, were ordered by Captain Trevor Hall of the EAS Heracles to investigate the first wave of White Stars, which had jumped into the system on the opposite side of the Proxima III from the blockade fleet. When the second wave of White Stars jumped in, both vessels requested permission to turn and engage, but were denied that option by Captain Hall.

After the arrival of a third wave of White Stars, the Pollux joined the Heracles in firing on Sheridan's forces. She knocked one of the White Stars out of control, causing it to crash into the front of the Pollux. This impact resulted in her destruction with all hands, as none of the crew had time to get to any lifepods.[2]


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