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EAS Prometheus
EAS Prometheus
Owner: Earth Alliance
Operator: Earthforce
Class: Hyperion-class heavy cruiser
Hull Marking(s): "31567-HHD"
Status: Active (2245)

"On the one hand, it represented the pinnacle of Human progress, a shining symbol of what mankind could accomplish. And on the other hand, its presence was about to levy a terrible, terrible cost against Humanity. One that would make the fate of the mythic Prometheus seem merciful by comparison."

Emperor Londo Mollari, 2278[1]

The EAS Prometheus was an Earthforce Hyperion-class heavy cruiser in service as of the Earth year 2245. Prometheus is noted to be the leadship of the task force that made first contact with the Minbari. Subsequently, Prometheus is also noted for being the ship that fired first shots in the conflict ultimately known as the Earth-Minbari War.[2][3]


Seal prometheus

In 2245, the ship was commanded by Captain Michael Jankowski, with Commander Alan Chafin serving as first officer. Chafin was Jankowski's second choice for the post after his previous XO transferred to the EAS Churchill and Jankowski's first choice (Commander John Sheridan) turned him down due to his reputation as a loose cannon with a habit of mishandling first contact situations.[4]

When the Prometheus encountered the Minbari, they approached with the gunports open, which according to Warrior Caste custom is a sign of good faith and respect to the Humans. Jankowski, not knowing of this tradition, took the gesture as a sign of hostility and opened fire. The attack killed Dukhat, the leader of the Grey Council, and started the Earth-Minbari War.[4] [5]

David McIntyre was the Gunnery Sergeant on the Prometheus and as such was the person who actually fired on the Minbari ships, as ordered by Captain Jankowski. Despite the tribunal absolving McIntyre of any responsibility for following orders, he continued to struggle with the guilt over what he had helped start. [2]