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The Babylon Project
EAS Roanoke.png
EAS Roanoke
Owner: Earth Alliance
Operator: Earthforce
Class: Omega-class destroyer
Hull Marking(s): "M"
Status: Destroyed (2260)

The EAS Roanoke was an Omega-class destroyer operated by Earthforce in 2260. It was involved in the Earth Alliance Civil War loyal to President Clark. The Roanoke was one of the ships sent to Babylon 5 to arrest the station's command staff. It was destroyed during the Battle for B5 Independence.


The Roanoke, along with the destroyer EAS Agrippa, two Gunships, and two Hyperion-class heavy cruisers, had orders to seize command of Babylon 5, arrest the captain and command staff, and place the station under the direct authority of the President and the Nightwatch. They were aware of the presence of at least the EAS Alexander, which had previously attempted a coup in protest to the martial law declaration of President Clark, and his dissolving of the Earth Senate.

The Roanoke was rammed and destroyed by EAS Churchill, which herself was already on fire and heavily damaged.[1][2] The Agrippa was also destroyed by heavy fire; none of the crew made it to the lifepods.[1] 547 personnel died.[3]

In 2261, when Captain Sheridan was captured and tortured on Mars, the destruction of the Roanoke and the loss of her 547 officers and crew were listed on the confession his interrogators tried to get him to sign.[3]