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EAS Schwarzkopf2245
EAS Schwarzkopf
Owner: Earth Alliance
Operator: Earthforce
Class: Nova-class dreadnought
Hull Marking(s): "S"
Status: Destroyed (2247)

The EAS Schwarzkopf, with hull letter "S", was a Nova class dreadnought.

In 2245, the Schwarzkopf was a part of the task force led by the EAS Prometheus to probe the Minbari border. The Schwarzkopf fought against the Valen'Tha and her escorts in the opening shots of the Earth-Minbari War. The Schwarzkopf was able to escape into hyperspace. [1]

She was destroyed by the Black Star during the Earth-Minbari War.[2]


  • Since it appears that every Nova Class that appeared in 'In the Beginning' have identical markings (due to repeated reuse of the computer model without changing the image maps) it's difficult to say which one was the "actual" Schwarzkopf. For instance the Schwarzkopf it clearly shown to be destroyed on two separate occasions; one in the Battle with the Black Star and again as the ship ramming a Minbari Warcruiser in the Battle of Sinzar. For the purposes of this article, it's assumed that the ships destroyed by the Black Star is the "actual" Schwarzkopf, given it was the more prominently featured engagement.


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