The Babylon Project

The EAS Titans was an Earthforce Warlock-class destroyer. One of the first Warlocks to roll off the production line, the Titans was under the command of Captain Susan Ivanova from December 2261.

Shortly after taking command, Captain Ivanova began to suspect the presence of Shadow technology in the ship's control systems, but a thorough search failed to turn up anything. Without notifying Earthforce Command, Ivanova ordered the Titans to Babylon 5 to see if President Sheridan would allay or confirm her suspicions.

After Sheridan confirmed the presence of dormant Shadow tech, he devised a plan that would give Ivanova and the Titans an edge if the dormant technology was ever used to take control of the ship. With the help of Lyta Alexander, Sheridan moved the Vorlon transport that had previously belonged to Ambassador Ulkesh from Bay 13 on Babylon 5 to Bay 7 on board the Titans, patching it into the Titans' control systems and allowing Ulkesh's ship to override the hidden Shadow tech. According to Sheridan, the revived ship, which had lain dormant in Bay 13 since the Vorlons had departed beyond the Rim with the rest of the First Ones, was satisfied with the new arrangement, stating "it would like to have something interesting to do."

Ordering the few crew that knew of the Vorlon ship's presence to secrecy, Ivanova told them they were holding it for Earthforce Intelligence, also ordering Bay 7 sealed off until further notice.[3]