EAS Vesta
EAS Vesta
Owner: Earth Alliance
Operator: Earthforce
Class: Omega-class destroyer
Hull Marking(s): "V"
Status: Active (2261)

The EAS Vesta was an Earthforce Omega-class destroyer under the command of Captain Edward MacDougan.

History Edit

Proxima III Edit

Seal vesta

In 2261, the Vesta was assigned to the illegal blockade of Proxima III ordered by President Morgan Clark. Like the EAS Nemesis, the Vesta went to great lengths to avoid attacking civilian targets.

John Sheridan's White Star fleet then engaged the ships, starting the Battle of Proxima III. After the second wave of White Stars jumped into the Proxima system, Captain Trevor Hall of the EAS Heracles ordered Vesta and the EAS Juno to launch fighters and take point at the second wing. She was then ordered to turn and engage the third wave of White Stars, which had jumped in to the rear of the blockade fleet.

Captain MacDougan broke protocol and answered Captain Sheridan's appeal to stand down. Following this conversation, MacDougan refused to engage the White Star fleet, feeling that it would be an action in support of illegal orders. As a result, Captain Hall promoted Commander Robert Philby and ordered him to take command of the Vesta. Philby proceeded to bring the Vesta into the fight, but only for a short time. The crew of the Vesta "postponed" Philby's promotion, and returned command to MacDougan. He ordered the Vesta to stand down, and declared his ship non-hostile to the White Star fleet. Following the battle, Captain MacDougan and the Vesta signed on with Sheridan's forces in their campaign to liberate Earth.[1]

Sheridan's Fleet Edit

President Clark informed Earthforce that the crew of the Vesta was replaced with Minbari crewmembers. The Vesta fought in a fleet action against Clark's forces in an asteroid belt. Captain MacDougan was able to help convince Captain Leo Frank of the EAS Cadmus to stand down after Captain Frank refused to surrender based on President Clark's briefing.[2] The Vesta fought in a fleet action near Beta IX. The Vesta accompanied the fleet to Mars.[3] The Vesta was present when a Clark-aligned fleet was disabled by smuggled telepaths. The Vesta fought at the Liberation of Earth.[4][5]

Notes Edit

The presence of the Vesta at Mars and Earth are assumed because the Vesta accompanied the fleet to Mars during "Between the Darkness and the Light", and an Omega Class vessel with the hull lettering of V can be seen in the background of Sheridan's fleet.

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