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Each Night I Dream of Home is an episode from the TV Series Crusade which is a spin off from Babylon 5.

"Who Are You? Matthew Gideon, Captain. Attached to the Earth Alliance Starship Excalibur. What do you want? To find a cure to the Drakh plague before it wipes out all life on earth. Where Are You Going? Anywhere I Have To. Who do you serve and who do you trust? Who do you serve and who do you trust?"
– Galen Questioning Captain Gideon


Regular Cast[]

Special Guest Star[]

Guest Starring[]


Liz Lavoie as Carole Miles

Carl Reggiardo as Drakh Captain


Former Babylon 5 Medical Chief of Staff Dr. Stephen Franklin comes to the Excalibur to oversee an experiment that may strike a blow against the Drakh plague. The Drakh strike a blow of their own, launching an attack after the experimentation gets underway.

Memorable Quotes[]

"Never eat anything bigger than your head. Never shoot pool at a place called Pop's. Never eat food at a place called Mom's."
Captain Gideon, to Captain Lochley

Episode Chronology[]

13 episodes of crusade were produced before TNT cancelled the series. According to posts by J. Michael Straczynski, which are archived on, TNT broadcast the episodes out of the intended sequence. The order of the episodes was then revised when they were re-broadcasted on the Sci-Fi channel; the Sci-Fi channel actually contacted Straczynski and asked which order he would prefer the episodes were broadcast. A third order was formally endorsed by Straczynski as the "true" chronological sequence of events for the filmed episode, as it appeared in The Babylon 5 Historical Database as published in Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5. This particular ordering supersedes Straczynski's own "preferred" sequence from a strictly chronological and causal standpoint. The original broadcast order as set by TNT was used for the DVD releases.

Revised Broadcast Order[]

Using the Revised Broadcast Order Each Night I Dream of Home is episode 7 of 13.

Preceded by: Crusade episodes Followed by:
"The Well of Forever" "Patterns of the Soul"

DVD Release[]

This Episode along with the other 12 from the series have been released on DVD with some limited Special Features. For more information see:

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