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The Earth Alliance has heavily colonized the Sol system as well as a variety of other worlds. By 2259 the Alliance had established more than two dozen outposts and colonies in fourteen different solar systems.[1]Circa sixty of them have been identified in Babylon 5 media so far. [2]

Home System Colonies[]

  • Luna: Traditionally "the moon". Located there: 

Outer Colonies[]

Minor Colonies and Outposts[]

The destruction of the Jericho 3 station.

  • Amador: A colony that formerly joined the Earth Alliance in 2257.[10]
  • Disney Planet: A resort colony owned by the Disney megacorporation.[18][19]
  • Eridian Colony: Evacuated during the Shadow War and later raided by a scavenger fleet.[20]
  • Flinn Colony: During the Earth-Minbari War, ground-based human weapons defending Flinn Colony forced the Minbari to land soldiers on the planet, and massive hand-to-hand combat raged across the planet's surface. In the end every human on the Flinn colony was killed, but the Minbari suffered heavy casualties in the fighting.[21]
  • New California: Site of a notorious, violent suppression of a workers' strike.[26]
  • Omega Colony: An Earth Alliance colony located near the Durk 3 commercial station.[31]
  • Pepinia: A colony that formally joined the Earth Alliance in 2257.[10]
  • Sinzar: The site of a notable battle of the Earth-Minbari War where Earthforce ships managed to badly damage a Minbari cruiser, which tried to escape. Before it could get away though, a crippled Nova class dreadnought rammed the Minbari ship, destroying them both.[24]
  • Tariff's Colony: A commercial colony whose economy functions on bribes, bets and payoffs. The colony has a domed ice mining operation on the local moon with an orbiting space station. In 2267 the Excalibur visited the colony to investigate some ancient alien ruins uncovered on the moon.[35]

Beta Colonies[]

The Earth Alliance also includes fourteen distinct colonies named 'Beta', stemming from a period during the early colonisation period in the mid-to-late 22nd Century when Ancient Greek symbolism experienced a brief revival. Acting almost as a slang term for "less important colony", the name became so common that it was even odds that any inhabited system with more than a single colony would have a 'Beta Colony' or at least a 'Beta City'. Since it was a trend rather than part of a systematic scheme, the appearance of Beta colonies was not typically associated with an 'Alpha', 'Gamma' or 'Delta'.

The practice was so prevalent at the time that even the Centauri picked up on it and emulated this style of naming convention. At the time the Centauri Republic was still attempting to convince humanity that Earth was a lost Centauri colony and so when the Centauri translated the names of their planets and star systems into English, they used Greek lettering too and since to them there could only be one "Alpha" world (Centauri Prime), many of their colonies ended up being called 'Beta' - such as Centauri Beta I - and this can cause confusion with similarly named Earth colonies. According to the Centauri, Earth was "Beta 9"; however when Human scientists finally gained access to Centauri DNA and discovered the two races were not even remotely related the Centauri claimed their previous assertion stemmed from a clerical error and Earth was in fact "Beta 12" and dropped any further attempts to claim kinship.[33][36][37]

List of Beta Colonies
  • Beta Colony: The second largest of two colonies in the Sheffer System which is also the location of a pair of small mining stations in the system's asteroid belt. The larger colony is located on nearby Aztlan (Sheffer IV). In 2253, the colony was the site of a series of serial killings specifically targeting telepaths.[33][38]