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The Earth Senate was the Legislative Branch of Earthgov and made up the central body of the EA government.


The Senate was comprised of representatives elected from each of the Earth Alliance member states, such as the Russian Consortium, the Indonesian Consortium and (from 2262 onwards) the independent colony worlds such as Mars. Alongside these are the Vice President of the Earth Alliance the President of the EA Senate. The Senate Military Bureau provides information regarding Earthforce laws and regulations.


Prior to 2258, the Bureau had stated that the use of telepathic scans in military hearings are allowed only to determine the truth of specific charges, not as blanket for loyalty checks. In 2258, this ruling was later contradicted by the policies of then Vice President Morgan Clark who instituted loyalty scans.[1]

In 2260, the Senate held hearings into Morgan Clark's purported health and departure from Earthforce One shortly before it exploded on January 1, 2259. In retaliation, Clark declared Martial law and eventually dissolved the senate which he reformed with many of his own people in their place. Senator Crosby led the march on capturing President Clark at the end of the Earth Alliance Civil War.[2][3]

Senate Committees[]

  • Senate Committee on Technology and Privacy: Formed in 2115 and initially considered to be a "do nothing" Committee, Senator Lee Crawford was made the chair for this committee as a way of pushing him to one side. When the existence of certifiable telepaths became public knowledge, the committee suddenly became very relevant. Aside from Senator Crawford, the Committee members included Senators Vladmir Tokash, Ledepa Koya, Crispin Dover and Ramira Alejandro with Dr. Alice Kimbrell: a neurochemist and the editor of the Medical Journal in which the discovery was published and Dr. Ortiz; a psychologist serving in an advisory capacity.[4]
  • Senate Committee on Metasensory Regulation: Formed in 2117, shortly after the discovery of certifiable human telepaths.[4]
  • Senate Committee on Anti-Earth Activities: Formed after EA President Clark reconstituted the Senate in 2261 to hear testimonies from witnesses regarding alien sympathizers attempting to bring down Earthgov.[8]
  • War Crimes tribunal facilitation committee: Formed in the wake of the Telepath War.[10]

Known Senators[]

Senator Time in Office Constituency
Lee Crawford 2114 - 2156 United States of America
Vladmir Tokash Circa 2115 Russian Consortium
Ledepa Koya Circa 2115 Indonesian Consortium
Crispin Dover Circa 2115 United Kingdom of Great Britain
Ramira Alejandro Circa 2115 Indian Consortium
Menshikov Circa 2118 Russian Consortium
Philip Lai Circa 2133
Khalid Ahmed 2189 United Islamic Nations
Hidoshi Circa 2258[7][11][12]
(Retired by mid-2259)[13]
Gant Circa 2258[14]
Pol Quat Circa 2258[14] Indonesian Consortium
Voudreau Circa 2258[15]
Ronald Quantrell Circa 2259/2260[13][16][17]
Borashevsky Circa 2260
(purged during the Senate dissolution)[18]
Russian Consortium
Claxby Circa 2261[19]
Ross Fowler Circa 2261[20]
Crosby Circa 2261[2]
Susanna Luchenko 2260 - 2261[21] Russian Consortium
Elizabeth Metarie Circa 2261[22]
McQuate Circa 2267[23]
Jacob Redway Circa 2267[24]
William Jeshke
Phillip Lai
Senator (Matters of Honor)
Milo Virini
Elise Voudreau