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Earthforce Academy was the training facility of Earthforce that encompasses several specialised schools, including Air Dome and OTC.[1][2][3]

Jeffrey Sinclair was serving as a flight instructor at the Academy when he first met Catherine Sakai, a student of his.[4] Edward MacDougan did a stint as an Academy instructor and set his students (including John Sheridan) lessons in moral conflicts, saying "Soldiers aren't machines. They have to think and decide if an order is moral or not."[5] William Hague attended the Academy with the future Captain of the EAS Clarkstown.[6]

Air Dome[edit | edit source]

Air Dome was Earthforce's primary training centre for fighter pilots and part of the Earthforce Academy. Harriman Gray applied and was accepted to Air Dome when he was sixteen, though when his telepathic talent manifested in the first month he was expelled and forced to join Psi Corps.[7]

Officer Training School[edit | edit source]

A cadet program providing leadership training for future commissioned officers. John Sheridan met his first wife, fellow cadet Elizabeth Lochley during their first year at OTC.[8] Susan Ivanova graduated from OTC in 2249.[9]

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