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The Earthforce Gunship was a medium to heavy assault craft used by Earthforce that has seen action in both Operation Sudden Death and the Battle For B5 Independence.[1][2]


Earthforce Gunship 02

A Gunship assaults Matok during Operation Sudden Death

A small and nimble attack craft, the Gunship, while capable of operating in space it is best suited to manoeuvring within a planetary atmosphere, usually in the role of infantry support.

The Gunship's hull had a distinctive twin boom configuration a single, central snub nosed fuselage containing the cockpit, primary thrust engine and the chin mounted dual pulse cannon turret. The outboard nacelles contained the Gunship's two forward mounted missile tubes, its four vectoring V/STOL thrusters and aft mounted inward canted vertical stabilizers.

Behind the Scenes[]

The Gunship was designed by Steve Burg, based somewhat on the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. The intent was for the design to be a strictly subsonic craft limited to the troposphere, however later uses of the model in ("Severed Dreams") featured the craft flying in open space (and hyperspace) as part of the Earthforce task force.[3]