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This article refers to the Earthforce Marine Corps, also known as GROPOS. You may be looking for GROPOS, an episode from the second season of Babylon 5.

The Earthforce Marine Corps, or "GROPOS" (Ground Pounders) as they are commonly referred to, constitute the Earth Alliance's primary ground forces, though they are also used in boarding operations and a detachment may be used to bolster a starship's security force. Marine officers wear a brown Earthforce duty uniform while NCOs and enlisted personnel wear green fatigues.[1]


Alfredo Garibaldi was a GROPO during the Dilgar War.[1]

Michael Garibaldi, Amis, Robert Black and Number Two all served as GROPOS during the Earth-Minbari War.[2][4][5]

In 2259, the 356th Infantry Division, under the command of Earthforce General Richard Franklin along with the 25,000 GROPOS under his command were ordered to take part in Operation Sudden Death: a surprise assault on the rebel stronghold at Matok on Akdor, the third planet in the Sh'lassen Triumvirate. In return for keeping the Sh'lassen government in power, the Earth Alliance would be allowed to establish a permanent presence in the sector, strategically close to both Narn and Centauri space.[1]

In 2260, during the opening battle of the Earth Alliance Civil War, a team of marines boarded Babylon 5 in an attempt to seize control of the station. A group of human and Narn security personnel intercepted them, and after some vicious hand-to-hand combat, the marines were all killed or captured.[6]

In 2267, the starship Excalibur was assigned a Marine detachment to provide shipboard security and ground support.[7][8][9][10]

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