Earthforce One was the spacecraft used to transport the Earth Alliance President to other planets.


Presidential visit to Babylon 5, 2258Edit

Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago, a strong proponent of interstellar diplomacy and supporter of the Babylon Project, chooses to visit the Babylon 5 station in 2258. He travels to the station on board Earthforce One, accompanied by an escort of Starfury fighters bearing the presidential livery. During the visit, he delivers a public address on the station and presents a wing of Starfuries to complete the station's fighter complement; the wing is designated Zeta Wing.[2]

Presidential Assassination, 2259Edit

EarthForce One Explosion

Earthforce One explodes over Io

Shortly after midnight on January 1, 2259, Earthforce One explodes, killing President Santiago. The transport was in the vicinity of the transfer point at Io at the time of its destruction. Prior to his assassination, President Santiago had been due to deliver his New Year's address. Santiago's Vice-President, William Morgan Clark, assumes the presidency after being sworn in aboard Earthforce Two, the official transport of the Earth Alliance Vice-President. Suspiciously, Vice-President Clark had disembarked Earthforce One shortly before the explosion, complaining of a viral infection.[3][4]

Clark was later implicated in the assassination plot[5] and his dictatorial regime was overthrown by a rebellion led by Captain John Sheridan three years later.[6]


  • It is likely that "Earthforce One" is a designation for any spacecraft carrying the President of the Earth Alliance, much the same as "Air Force One" was for the President of the United States.

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