The Babylon Project

Edgar Devereaux was a Human who conducted illicit business on Babylon 5.

On the station, Devereaux obtained cooperation from security officers like Jack to conduct his business. He also hired lurkers like Stephen Petrov and another lurker to move crates for him. He hired these two in 2258 to support the conspiracy to kill President Luis Santiago to transport crates of jamming devices. Devereaux' men found out that not only did Petrov find out what the plan was, but he was also an informant for Michael Garibaldi. They attempted to kill him, but, unbeknownst to them, Petrov survived long enough to notify Garibaldi of a plot. Garibaldi questioned Devereaux while at a casino and brought him to a security office, however, Jack helped Devereaux escape after he left. Devereaux and his men intercepted Garibaldi in an isolated corridor while Jack shot him in the back.

Devereaux and his associates were later killed by Jack in what he claimed was self-defence, though Devereaux's PPG was cold when his body was found, indicating that it had not, in fact, been fired.[1]