The Babylon Project

Eduardo Delvientos is the senior foreman of the dock workers on Babylon 5.

In 2258, he and his dock workers were caught in an incident caused by an accident in the docking bays, an incident in which his younger brother Alberto was killed. He was the first to argue that the accident was caused by the failure of the system overseeing the docks, saying that his people were already hard-pressed working without proper equipment, man power, or decent pay. With the Rush Act ordered the situation escalated and Garibaldi’s troops were ordered in to make arrests. Refusing to back down or go back to work, Eduardo, throwing the first punch, starts a fight. When the troops were ordered to fall back and Sinclair came in, Eduardo asked everyone to settle down and hear him out. After he did the right thing, Eduardo told his workers to go back to work.[1]

A year later, he was interviewed by ISN for his thoughts on Babylon 5. His answers were essentially that it was a job and he had a retirement pension to make; however, he did mention what happened in 2258 with the budget cuts, but said that was all in the past.[2]